Inspiring Men for Men's Health Week | Sanford & Glen | Merino Country

Inspiring Men for Men's Health Week | Sanford & Glen

Through Merino Country we come across inspiring people doing ordinary and extraordinary things that make a difference to many lives. Caroline recently had a chat with two inspiring men in the Brisbane community who are prioritizing not only their own health but others too! 

Glen Dick, a high school PE teacher of 40years - also known as Mr Sustainable Styling (Sustainable Styling  ,Karen's other half) who we've for years and has always been very active.  Sanford McMurray a Mental Health advocate and trainer, who first started wearing Merino Country gear in the Ekka Wool Parades in 1998.

We got to know both of these inspiring blokes a bit more when they answered our questions and at one of our "Every Body"  men's underwear photoshoot where both of them modelled our gear.

 A Chat with Glen Dick

Glen Dick - Inspiring men

Glen wears our Classic T-Shirt & Boxer Shorts

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do to stay fit.

I have been a primary PE teacher for 40 years in the state education system. Graduated from UQ with a teaching degree in the early 80s and was a competitive swimmer in the 70s and played competitive water polo in the 80s. (we also know that Glen has been playing social water polo with the Moby Dicks!). Swimming and running are the main activities I do for fitness along with the occasional yoga session.

What is something you do for your mental well-being?

There are several things I do for my mental well-being which includes a mix of physical activity and mindfulness: Exercise, good sleep patterns and relaxation with a quiet background.

Glen - Inspiring Men Merino Country

Glen wears our Classic T-Shirt Leggings 

How do you encourage your students to get active for their health?

I encourage activity and just try to be the best model/mentor. It helps to highlight the many benefits of exercise, good diet and sleep. All three are very important for all round wellness.

What would you like to see changed in our society to benefit and prioritise Men’s health?

I'd like to see more prominent male role models promoting physical activity and the benefits through government and private enterprises the health funds.

What is one piece of life advice you’d like to share with the younger generations?

Have a dream and take the small steps to achieve this dream!

What has been your favourite Merino Country piece to wear?



A Chat with Sanford McMurray

Inspiring Men - Sandfor McMurray

Sanford wears our Classic Mens Singlet and Classic Fitted Boxers

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do to stay mentally fit.

Its important to know that the mind and body are connected and work together. We usually look at the Physical symptoms and rarely we look at the mental and emotional side. Sometimes pains are indicators of mental or emotional issues.
Rest is so important because waking up with aches and pains can indicate that the body didn’t rest or restore and indicate stress, mental health issues and relationship issues. These stresses can manifest in our bodies as other issues that most often going to the doctors they will overlook and try to fix the symptoms rather than try to find the cause of the symptoms.

To stay mentally fit I use these techniques: 1. Breathing techniques to center and calm by body and mind. 2. Movement – I use my cross training, cheerleader dance and circus background to move my body. I call this the Circus Ten Movements to move the whole body.

I actually always wanted to learn to juggle when I was a kid. I first wanted to juggle when I was 13 but it wasn’t until 7 years later that I first had the opportunity to learn when I was aiming to get a position in the circus. What lead to that opportunity actual came from when I was in a frustrating situation with my partner and I had all these frustrating feelings that I felt I needed to release so I went outside and did my fist backflip. After this I continued to do flips and became very skilled at this. When I was 20 I met the director of a circus who was looking for some who could do flips and juggle so I set my mind to learning to juggle and I learnt.  

How do you encourage your clients to get active for their health?

I work with people of all ages but what I do with them is I try to get them to tell me what they are in control of. I say you have an ACE in your hand A= Attitude and emotions C= choice  E= energy and effort. These are our choices and the things we are in control of. Then we focus on breath work to calm our minds and then something they physical they enjoy whether it’s softball, football, juggling, running etc. It’s easier to do something physical if they enjoy it.

Inspiring Men Merino Country Sanford McMurray

Sanford wears our Polo Shirt & Comfy Pants

What would you like to see changed in our society to benefit and prioritise Men’s health?

One – for men to know the difference between mental health vs mental illness.

Two- They have to be allowed to speak their truths to their significant others, families, friends and colleagues. Men don’t want to speak their true emotions because of the stigma around men’s emotions and being called weak or other names. When we can do that we don’t have to seek out other things to soothe or fulfill these emotions such as addictions that cause harm.

What is one piece of life advice you’d like to share with the younger generations?

Never give up on your dreams. Surround yourself with people that you make their eyes light up when you walk in a room.

What has been your favourite Merino Country piece to wear?

Comfy pants – They’re great for training early in the morning or if its colder at night to snuggle in.

If you’re in the Brisbane area Sanford holds different workshops and talks for people of all ages. His last talk was at the North Lakes YMCA. Check out his Instagram for updates on when his next talk is on - follow him HERE.






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