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Fabric Information

Fabric Information


100% Australian Merino for Comfort, Performance & Durability...Naturally!

Merino Country has developed a lightweight, easy-care 100% merino wool jersey fabric - MERINO KNIT. It currently comes in two weights with a silky finish & has been heat set treated to be machine washable. 

Whilst there is some slight movement in the first wash (around 3%), it does not shrink or change it’s quality characteristics after washing and is a truly easy care product that can be worn on the skin with no irritation. It's machine washable and can be tumble dried. 

Our dyehouse in Australia use Reactive Dyes which are skin friendly with no formaldehyde or chromium used. We have many people with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema who wear our products & don't have any issues.

Fabrics come in different weights and construction types - our fabrics are mainly jersey knits which means they have stretch. Merino has natural elasticity and this natural stretch means that our clothing and underwear moves with your body... naturally!

When comparing products and fabrics remember to ask for the weight (g/m2) and fabric construction type so that you are comparing apples with apples!!  MK175 & MK275 are processed and manufactured by Merino Country for use in all our products.

LIGHTWEIGHT -  MK175 - 100% Merino Single Knit Jersey

175 g/m2 - The weight of this fabric is approximately 175 grams per metre squared. We mainly use MK175 in our intimate apparel ie. jocks, boxers, shorts, womens lingerie and close fit t-shirts eg. long sleeve t's etc. It's a lightweight fabric with a fairly tight knit - great for the heat as well as the cold. There is no elastane or lycra in this fabric, we use the natural stretech of the merino fibre.

HEAVYWEIGHT - MK275 - 100% Merino Double Knit Jersey (or Interlock)

275 g/m2 - The weight of this fabric is approximately 275 grams per meter squared - the extra weight and the looser knit gives a little more stretch and ease of movement. We mainly use it in our thermals and outerwear, in particular pants and skirts. Great for that extra warmth. There is no elastane or lycra in this fabric, we use the natural stretch of the merino fibre.

The difference between the lightweight 175gsm (Single Knit Jersey) and heavyweight 275gsm (Interlock) is that the Lightweight Single Knit Jersey is knitted with one set of needles, where as the heavyweight Double Knit or Interlock Jersey is knitted with two. The heavyweight interlock can be thought of as two 1X1 ribs knitted at the same time and knit together. The heavyweight interlock fabric has the same face on both sides, is thicker and stretchier, and won't curl as much as the lightweight jersey which has a much tighter knit.

Every now and again we find a fabulous fabric that someone else has made and we buy it in to compliment our own fabrics. The fabrics below are all Merino Blends with different characteristics: 

MERINO/MODEL 200 - 70% Merino / 25% Model (Bamboo) / 5% Spandex

200 g/m2 A medium weight Merino blend in fun stripes.

60% MERINO BLEND 60% Merino / 40% Polyester Stretch Rib Knit

100 g/m2 - A very lightweight Merino blend with alot of stretch - wide rib knit gives the appearance of a vertical stripe

MERINO / LYCRA 95% Merino / 5% Elastane

210 g/m2 - A lightweight Merino blend with a bit of stretch 95% Merino 5% Elastane Core Spun - Merino on the outer / Lycra on the inside