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Customer Feedback

Here's what some of our customers had to say: 


Hi, Kerrie and everyone on the wonderful Merino Country Team!  

I wanted to (belatedly) thank you for the warm greeting I received when I visited your facility in May. Although the intent of my visit was to buy a few items needed for my 3-week trip to Cairns, I left with a much fuller appreciation of the wonderful products you craft, the materials you use and the pride with which they’re made. I also thanked, in my mind, PM John Howard and President Bush for signing the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement so that I’m able to have you send these to California in the same amount of time it takes many deliveries to reach me from the US East Coast.

 I also wanted to let you know how glad I was to have ordered some additional items from you that were shipped to my hotel in Sydney in mid-June. I don’t know if it was because of La Niña that made Sydney so cold this visit (it was also a bitterly cold and very wet 2022-23 winter in California), or maybe I’d forgotten that Australia really does have 4 seasons. Regardless, the warmth they provided me on a heritage train trip to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney at an elevation of 1100 meters on a minus 2C, very windy day, was much appreciated. The same items and some that were delivered after I arrived home were the majority what I took with me on a long trip to our Western National Parks in October. My wife marveled at how versatile and comfortable Merino is at warm temperatures (+ 40C in Scottsdale, AZ when we arrived) and at cold temps (— 3C at night in Yellowstone and in Park City, UT). Best of all, it’s the perfect fabric for our coastal California climate that usually requires layers - cool mornings, warm afternoons and cooler evenings during our thankfully brief winter.

 I hope all of you enjoyed a very safe and healthy Christmas (which was probably nice and warm in Brisbane), and that you have a very healthy and prosperous 2024!

Bernie, California, USA

ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING - 28th September 2022

Just wanted to say I am so pleased with the service. The email on how to store and take care of the wool is amazing. The clothing is ABSOLUTELY out standing, especially the underwear it fits perfectly and feels amazing, I am so satisfied with it. When I put on the underwear I realized I have just discovered what superman has been wearing all these years. I have purchased similar clothing in past spending alot of money and it didn't stand to it's expectations, what I have ordered from your business is beyond my expectation. Thank you for your service and honesty, great work! Will be ordering more and spreading the word! 🤝 Zac

THANKYOU - 28th June 2022

Dear Merino Country, Thanks again for your advice and the great service provided by your company. I look forward to wearing the items whilst travelling and overseas! Kind regards Helen

LOVE YOUR PRODUCT - 11th May 2022

Hi!  Bought a 3 pack of Wundies briefs for men. Would have preferred trunks but, I must confess, I didn't want to part with the extra dollars. However, my Wundies briefs are Won-Dee-Full!! BEST briefs I have ever worn!!

LOVE your product & ABSOLUTELY LOVE your gear is Australian owned & made.

Bless ya 


WUNDIES ARE A HIT - April 2022

I recently purchased 2 pair of your wool Wundies. It was only 2 pair for couple reasons. I am doubting Thomas when it comes to new products. I usually find myself getting something other than what I thought I was ordering. And secondly they are a bit pricey. So 2 pair it was. Now I can tell you that what I got was for better than I could have imagined. Mens briefs are impossible to find in anything but cotton. I hate boxers and think little better of boxer briefs. So mark yourselves one up already. Then the fit it was impeccable, score 2. The fabric, this has to be the finest finish wool in the entire world! If you didn't know it was wool you would never guess it, score 3. The comfort, beyond words hot or cold these are great. You have a hit with Wundies! Now the only thing to detract from perfection is the vertical waistband seam. Not always but at times it gets dug into my hip during wear. Maybe a flat seam? Regardless I will be ordering more.                          

Regards  JOHN


I’ve been wearing your clothing for a while now and I love it, I always tell people your story of how Merino Country came to be too as it is fascinating. My latest purchase is a pair of merino sneakers and the classic white tee - as I realised I didn’t own one. What a great combo they make together!
The shoes are super comfy - it feels like I’m out and about wearing slippers - and the t-shirt is lightweight, cool, and fits perfectly. When it needs a wash it dries very quickly.
Thank you!

A CLIENT FOR LIFE - April 2022

Three years ago, early 2019, it was not easy for me, a pensioner, to justify spending over $300 on 3 pairs of Long Johns from Merino County. 

However, it turned out to be the finest possible purchase of all.

Thinking originally I would wear woolen tights only in winter was proven wrong, as I have worn them, and ONLY them, every day since, like over 1,000 days!! Yes, through summer bushfires, whatever, they are wonderful, because they breathe. 

And through hundreds of washes, they remain in excellent condition. In todays atmosphere of inbuilt obsolescence of most products, MC's quality defies belief. 

I'm truly grateful for that, and the fabulous comfort, and even the stylishness it affords a 77 yr. old clotheshorse like me. A client for life. 




“As a wary consumer that researches immensely prior to making a purchase it is without hesitation that Merino Country truly stood out the winner with the genuine merino wool and the gsm strength and quality of wool was ahead of the competition.

Yes I had people saying you can get cheaper elsewhere- I disagree as there is no price on quality.

The thermal underwear (long johns and long sleeve tops)work tremendously well and I don’t need the heater on in the house with my thermal socks, thermal beanie, thermal mittens and thermal headscarf so anticipating on saving on electricity costs.

You get what you pay for and I don’t have to worry about keeping warm this winter- I have that covered.

Thanks Merino Country”


FANTASTIC - April 2022

About 6 years ago I was looking for a company that had merino wool underwear. I tried a few places that were closer to me first but their product wasn't comfortable. I am thrilled to have found you! I live in the USA and at first was wondering if it made sense to send half way around the globe for undies; it seemed a bit unreasonable to have to purchase underwear from so far away! I sure am glad I decided to! Your Wundies are THE BEST. I am very grateful for them. They are super comfortable, well made, and durable. I have been wearing your Wundies everyday since I received them and ordered more colors. This year I tried your socks. Fantastic! Thank you!!! ROBIN


Bought one of your tops in 2020. I absolutely love it, treat it with great care, the quality is beautiful, and I so love finding Australian-made quality clothing again. Next purchase will be some of your lovely pants for the winter, and also some of your insoles, and I love the caps with the sheep and windmill. Thank you so much. MIM

MY FEEDBACK -  April 2022
Light, warm, soft and gentle on arthritic joints.I love the fabric. Doesn’t get dirty easily as wool is a bit non-stick. Doesn’t get smelly.
If it does get a mark you can often “wash it’s face” with a cloth while you are wearing it and keep going. Don’t have to iron it, but if you do it iron with a damp cloth under the iron it comes up a treat.
Warm enough to wear 1 layer outside, but you don’t overheat in the mall.
The undies briefs are the best. Great design. They don’t cut in anywhere, they breathe so well no candida rash. I wear them April through September in Toowoomba Qld.  Negatives. They will last a long time so you will need a lot more customers. Limited colour range makes the shopping a bit dull. WENDY.

 LOVELY UNDIES - 21st December 2021

Hello, my order of lovely undies came today. Thank you for an environmentally friendly, Australian made and ethically made product and I love it came in tissue paper in a compostable bag - no plastic. Thanks again.  Happy Christmas. BEVERLY 

Thankyou for the lovely garments

Dear Kerrie, Thankyou for the lovely garments you make for us. Merry Christmas! Yours Kindly, Anne


I have now placed my order, thank you so much for your assistance. Most impressed with customer service and friendly manner.

Regards Lyn 😊 1st Sept 2021


I have just received my second order from you. I would like to thankyou for your prompt service. We are really happy with the excellent quality of your products & will be buying from you again. It so good to be able to buy such good quality Australian Made products. Thankyou. With Kindest Regards Lillian. NSW    


I'm once again pleased and surprised by how vivid, consistent and colorfast the colors of your clothing are! One of these days I really need to sit down and write a few reviews with photos:) Thanks again, and stay safe. Stephanie. USA. 


I just love that you have grown and processed the wool yourselves, and have such a wonderful range of colourful and attractive (and functional) garments Keep up the great work! Cheers Angela

PERFECT - 17th November 2020

May I say I absolutely love your products, especially as menopause makes my temperature regulation so unpredictable. The wool is just so easy to layer up or strip off as needed and takes care of any perspiration so I’m not dripping wet then freezing after the hot flush has subsided!! Also my grandson who is 8 and has eczema and sensitive skin, absolutely loves his long sleeved T-shirts and wears them non stop! 

Please pass on my congratulations to your whole team for such beautiful products and wonderful service.Kind Regards Fiona, Victoria


01 October 2020

Helen - Merino Country Fan

A quick note to let you know how much I love my Merino! Kerrie, we first met back in late January  just before I travelled to Melbourne for a Conference. I grabbed my first pieces in store back then for the trip, looking for something that could be worn in all climates/conditions. I wore them on that trip & loved them. Since then I have continued to periodically add to my collection. Just now not long back from a family holiday at Rainbow Beach & I lived in my Merino!  My merino has kept me warm in Winter & wonderfully cool in Spring and towards Summer!  I wear it every day and to be honest, I have hardly worn my other fabrics since that initial purchase. I love how it breaths and wicks the moisture away with no odour. I love being able to wear it longer between washes and just how easy it is to wash and how it dries in no time! Oh and how good is it to not have to iron!! Love it!! Thanks for producing a great product ~  well worth the investment. 

Have attached a pic of me chillaxing on the beach in my longsleeve crew neck t-shirt & my go to 3/4 Yoga Pants.  Didn't need to put on the oily sunscreen ~ the merino had me cool & covered!

 Kind regards - Helen Marsh


We purchased some of these masks for bushfire season. Little did we know then that we would need them for another purpose. Loving the comfort of the clothing in my last order. Keep up the good work! - Denise

This was record delivery time, Merino Country! I received the we’ve sent your order notification after 5pm last night and received the order before noon today – amazing. I’m also very excited to receive more items that fit my small frame – most of my winter wardrobe is now complements of Merino Country. Keep up the great work. - Elena SA

A Big Thankyou 
01 June 2020

Just want to say a big thankyou - love every bit of clothing I bought & will be putting more orders in thank you very much. Susan

Lovely to Wear 
30 May 2020

Good evening.Just a message to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. I am wearing one of the skivvy's now and it is excellent. I have passed on your details to my friends who usually end up at the Icebreaker shop. I hope they get on line and have a look at your range of garments. Merino is wonderful. Australian Made is even better - Well done! Stay safe. Best wishes Lynn

The Lightest & Warmest Fabric 
7 March 2020

Hello, I am back from a trip to the Arctic Circle covering Sweden & Norway. Your products were amazing and kept me very warm and dry in -25 temperatures. The full brief undies, neck gator, ear warmer band and longjohns. Merino really is the lightest and warmest fabric there is . Thankyou from a Happy Customer! Linda

Wonderful Wundies 
10 December 2019

Hey Kerrie, My goodies have just arrived. How quick is that? All the wasy from QLD to TAS in less than 24 hours. Brilliant. Such beautiful and well crafted garments too. AND MADE IN OZ. Wonderful. I'll start saving for some more in the New Year. Hope you have a fund and peaceful festive season. Cheers, Marylyn. Tas

Excellent Directions 
20 June 2019

Just a big compliment on your EXCELLENT map above with the EASY TO SEE & UNDERSTAND dotted lines on the approach to your premises !! Have not seen that before.....GREAT IDEA. I will visit next time I'm going that way. I live in Toowoomba. Cheers Joan

Wonderful Australian Merino Clothing
18 June 2019

Hi all, I am just loving my warm clothing this winter. Here in Rutherglen it is freezing but, I am nice and toasty. Today I wore my Jacaranda short swing top with your long sleeve top and your scarf all in Jacaranda and I had so many compliments. I am wondering if you would ever be making the teal and hot pink in the short swing jacket, then I would have another 2 matching sets. They look fantastic together. Keep making such wonderful Australian wool clothing. Regards PAULA

Fantastic Products
17 June 2019

My parcel arrived today. The boxers/bike shorts all good. My husband to heading to Central Asia on a motorbike trip so will be great. My husband has previously brought your Wundies. The beanies and scarf are for people he is staying with in Sweden . We are sheep farmers in western Victoria so enjoy being able to wear 100% wool. Thanks! PAM

Absolutely Brilliant
10 June 2019

I’ve been wearing your, thermals and skivvies for years. Absolutely brilliant for handling weather in Europe and Canada including the Polar Vortex last February. Actually need to get some more before our next visit to Canada. LIBBY

Love Your Products
4 June 2019

I have the Scoop Neck T in a small and it fit amazingly. Would love the singlet too in the same fit. Love your products. Thankyou. JEN

So Comfy!
3 June 2019

Hi! I love the clothes, the quality is amazing and they are so comfy :). Many Thanks Cybele. NSW

Excellent Service
3 June 2019

Are you trying to set a world record for dispatch? Wow- that's quick. The usual excellent customer service that you consistently provide! Thank you. Jules. Victoria.

Quality... Naturally!
23 May 2019

I just want to say how fantastic your products, service and delivery was. I loved the thoughtful sustainable packaging. The material held up soooooo much better than other Merino gear I had on my trip. Well done - it was a joy to support a quality Australian business. DEBRA

Merino Lover
21 May 2019

Your woollen garments are amazing and I would love to top up my wardrobe with some more! These garments keep us WARM in our cold central Victorian rural winter! As I type this I am watching the last of the fog dissolve above the Goulburn River! Beautiful but cold! Another layer of your wool sounds good, as well as being stylish! HEATHER, Victoria

Australian Made
21 May 2019

Hey just received my little order this morning - such quick service thank you. I only checked out your website after seeing something on Tv about buying Australian!! Thought I would try. Thank you and also Janet for your little message on my Invoice. JACKIE

15 May 2019

My order just arrived, thank you for your promptness. I am really happy with them and love the "Latte" in the lace camisole and brief set, I am so glad you encouraged me, I know my daughter will love them. The hot pink pantie and little boy leg adds a bit of colour to the gift and looks so nice. Blessings, Margaret

Super impressed!!
14 May 2019

Hello, I have just received my order today (two scoop t-shirts, two tunics & one men's t-shirt) and I have to tell you just how super impressed I am with the quality of these garments!! Outstanding quality, excellent fit, I simply can not wait to wear them! Very rarely am I so impressed with clothing purchased online. I love that these garments are Australian made AND sewn. Thank you for outstanding quality and an excellent experience... now to save up so I can purchase more :-) Sarah

Mongolia in Merino
8 April 2019

Hundreds of kilometers and two weeks trekking to see the Tsaatan reindeer people in Northern Mongolia and my Merino never let me down. It kept me warm in the cold, dry in the wet, and cool in the sunshine. Love Merino. I never leave for an adventure without it. JANELLE

8 April 2019

I'm from Canada and looked everywhere for merino wool underwear that weren’t boy shorts or low rise for my upcoming PCT hike. Ordered a size too big (Canadian sizes differently) and Merino Country let me return for a smaller size, only paying shipping from my end. Size fits great, and I’m excited to have good underwear for my hike! Thanks for the amazing service! MELISSA, Canada.

Helping Save the Planet with Compostable Packaging
5 April 2019

We placed an order yesterday and when it arrived this morning it was in a Black Compostable/Reusable pack….. thank you. We try and do the right thing wherever we can & in particular compost everything we can! It is really great to see companies like yours supporting initiatives like this. Thanks CHRIS. NSW

Just What I was Looking for!
1 April 2019

I have been searching everywhere for undies made from natural fabric. The only ones I could find in the style I was looking for was cotton, which I’ve never liked, or Smartwool bikinis. As much as I like the feel of the Smartwool long underwear, their bikini underwear was not cut for a real body, very narrow crotch and much too narrow across the backside. I returned them and continued my search. Then I found your classic high cut brief online. I debated whether I should take the leap to order undies all the way from Australia since I live in the United States. Boy am I glad I did! They took awhile to get here. But they are exactly what I was looking for. They are SO COMFORTABLE! They don’t bunch or pinch and the fabric is so soft and smooth. They feel great under my clothes. You almost forget you have them on. I am 65 years old, 5 ft. 7 in. tall and weigh 150 lbs.. I ordered size large. I wish I had found your undies years ago. They feel so much healthier than anything else I have ever worn. They are pretty and don’t look the least bit like granny panties, AT ALL! Thank you. I am placing an order for more today. Kay, USA.

Quick Service
19 December 2018

Ordered my Wundies yesterday, they arrived Parramatta, Sydney, 12 noon today. Fantastic, Thanks! Have a a great Christmas. Peter

Home Made
6 December 2018

Great value for money. Quality product and best all -"Home-Made" right here in Queensland. Lorretta

Perfect in Paddington
4 December 2018

Congratulations Kerrie & Mal, I cannot believe that it was nearly 25 years ago that we first found your shop in Paddington. How Perfect is Wool!! Annie.

Shearing White Gold
4 December 2018

Hi Kerrie, Thankyou for your invitation to Merino Country's 25th Anniversary party, unfortunately I will be harvesting (Shearing) the "White Gold" at that time and will not be able to make it. Hope your 25th Celebration goes well. Max Wilson, President, QLD Merio Stud Breeders Association.

Celebrating Another Australian Clothing Business

4 December 2018

Congratulations on this Milestone! We celebrated 25 years back in March as well. Geoff Makin. WENDY MAKIN BRIDAL DESIGNS

14 November 2018

Thankyou, my order has arrived already - super quick &efficient service! Regards Janelle

Congratulations on 25 Years in Business
13 November 2018

Congratulations on all the hard work and innovations that you have done to achieve a business that takes an Australian raw material through so many processes to get to the end product. A true Aussie legend!!! MIRANDA

11 November 2018

I have been wearing the long sleeve & long pants while in Mongolia. I have been so warm & comfortable, the coldest has only been -13 C but with 50km winds dropping the wind chill factor down even further. I love my Merino thermals, they out perform the commercial products purchased through the big stores. Some of my work colleagues have bought merino products through Kathmandu & North Face & they perform below the standard of Merino Country. Great Australian made products. JOHN. PS. The 3D Merino runners I bought are great too.

5 November 2018

Hello Merino Country Thank you for your great products we have been using undies and singlets for 12 months now. We found them very good while traveling overseas earlier this year.We found our thermals very useful as well especially in Scotland. This weekend we went on the Snowy Ride (a charity motorbike ride through the snowy mountains for children’s cancer) so we have ridden over 1000 kms this weekend. When we arrived home Jo-Ann made the comment that next time we do a long ride she would wear a pair of bike pants under her riding jeans for added comfort. We both were wearing our wundies and it’s just too hot for her wool leggings. After checking your web site I can’t find a bike pant type product. I’m sure this would be a great product to add to your list. Just a suggestion Thanks Mark. OUR RESPONSE: Thanks so much for your feedback - sounds like you've had some great adventures in our Wundies!!! We actually cut bike pants last week & along with 3/4 & full leggings, they're on the machines this week. Keep an eye on our website. Cheers Kerrie. Merino Country

Another Tick for you!
2 October 2018

I have been buying from Merino Country for some time and continue to enjoy the quality of your product. Part of the reason that I buy from you is that your goods are environmentally sustainable and Australian Made. When I received this order, I was delighted to see that your packaging is so environmentally friendly. Well done Merino Country. Yet another tick for you. Kathleen

Wundies for the Tropics
18 September 2018

I have worn Kerrie"s Wundies for over 20 years, I cannot understand how people cannot love them. Because they are wool, so many people think they are only for winter to keep warm, - how wrong - they were amazing in the tropics for all the years I lived there. Go Wundies! TINA

Keep up the Good Work...
21 August 2018

Congratulations again on your wonderful products. I have just completed another on line order. I give your details to many travellers when overseas so I hope that may help you. The Swedish women I told about your bras were very interested. Keep up the great work. We wool growers need people like you - Thank you. GAYLE

Best Ever Undies
15 August 2018

My hubby used his Wundies in Kokoda PNG 2017 and 48km Gold Coast Kokoda in 2018, and were fantastic for both - quick drying, keeping & the jewels; safe, and zero chaffing. He loves them! TANYA, Brisbane

Thanks for being Australian
16 July 2018

I'm a very proud Australian and love that you guys make the product here in Australia. I'm sick and tired of the company's that praise themselves as being Australian owned but get their garments made over seas in third world countries but still charge a premium price. Thanks for being Australian! Phillip.

Thank You!
11 July 2018

Thank you so much for your super fast service and such a beautiful product. I am thrilled to bits with my new skivvy. Kindest Regards Barbara

Beautiful Bras
17 May 2018

I purchased the Baa Bra and a set of Wundies. I was skeptical because I live in the U.S. and the extra shipping costs, while understandable, are also an additional expense. Add in if they don't fit, and I have to return/exchange, well, you do the math! BUT THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and fit well. This bra is much fuller coverage than it shows in the photo, in my opinion. The feel of the bra is excellent. The sides are not real narrow so no flow over:). I am a backpacker, and merino wool on the trail is an excellent choice. I have a feeling these items will last me many years! One note, the sizing is ample. So if in between sizes, unless you like loose, I would suggest going to smaller size. Rebecca, USA.

17 May 2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE! These are the most excellent quality! The wool is beautiful and soft, the colors luscious, they are thick too. Not like really thick, but substantially so and this to me means they will last much longer. Oh and the tags. While I prefer undies with no tags, the tag in these does not irritate my skin! I was hesitant to order because I live in the U.S. The extra shipping charges, plus the potential cost if I had to return/exchange add up quick! But I could not find full briefs in Merino wool anywhere in the U.S.! Sure, thongs, boy shorts, bikinis and what have you, but I wanted briefs. So I decided it was & worth the risk; and placed my order. SO GLAD i did! These are amazing wundies!! I do think they run ample in size. I ordered a large and wear a size 12 or 14 in jeans in U.S. sizing. I could have gotten away with the mediums. But, I am not paying the cost of shipping to exchange them. I did go by their sizing chart, and even emailed customer service asking for size info. They were very helpful, but I suggest if you fall in-between sizes, go a size down vs up. BUY THEM! you will NOT be disappointed! If you are a backpacker like me, these are VERY TRAIL WORTHY!! REBECCA, USA.

Thanks for an AWESOME product.
11 April 2018

Have just received my second set of Twin pack Wundies, with fast delivery again. I bought my first pack probably 6mths ago. I wanted to give them a 'good working; haha, before I wrote a review. I had been wearing IceBreakers for many years and Mountain Designs branded Merino Undies. Was happy to find a local Australian product to try. These Undies are absolutely fantastic. I wear merino as best thing with range of outdoor activities, cooler , etc. I have worn them when kayaking, dry really fast. Mountain biking, swimming afterwards, then some cases , gone for a bushwalk after that. no chaffing , elastic band holds up really well., no stretching. Multi day hikes , have been brilliant. Thanks again for awesome product. Look forward to buying more. And also, a personally signed off tax invoice, shows wonderful personal customer service. Thanks. Steve.

Thanks for an AWESOME product.
10 April 2018

Have just received my second set of Twin pack Wundies, with fast delivery again. I bought my first pack probably 6mths ago. I wanted to give them a 'good working; haha, before I wrote a review. I had been wearing IceBreakers for many years and Mountain Designs branded Merino Undies. Was happy to find a local Australian product to try. These Undies are absolutely fantastic. I wear merino as best thing with range of outdoor activities, cooler , etc. I have worn them when kayaking, dry really fast. Mountain biking, swimming afterwards, then some cases , gone for a bushwalk after that. no chaffing , elastic band holds up really well., no stretching. Multi day hikes , have been brilliant. Thanks again for awesome product. Look forward to buying more. And also, a personaly signed off tax invoice, shows wonderful personal customer service. Thanks. Steve.

Beautiful to wear and so easy to wash and dry
9 April 2018

I have 3 singlets and wear one of them almost every day - winter and summer - wash overnight and dry in the morning - always look and feel fresh! Love the undies too! Thank you it is so good to buy Australian grown and & sewn products! CHRISTINE

Awesome Service & Products
20 February 2018

Awesome service Kerrie! Loved the tracking and timely delivery and of course your products are fantastic! Thankyou!

Wundies are Wunderful
12 February 2018

I bought 6 pairs of full briefs in November, wore them in Australia in Nov, Dec, very comfy! Not hot at all! Wore them in Argentina, South Georgia, Falklands, and Antarctica, they kept me cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather. Easy to wash, quick to dry, breathable and comfy to wear. I’ve thrown all my other undies in the bin and am ordering more now! Thank you for such wonderful products! Liz

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