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Merino Country Media and Events

  • Beyond The Bale Feature - September Issue

    Beyond the bale is Australian Wool Innovation's quarterly magazine for their shareholders and wool industry stakeholders. We were fortunate enough ...
  • Reviving Australia's wool processing industry on Landline

    We were included in the recent segment put together by Lucy Barbour for ABC Landline's Reviving Australia's wool processing industry.Catch us at 25...
  • Niche, Nimble and Natural

    Coronavirus is a catalyst for change. The world has shrunk and supply chains are under threat at this time of global disruption. Local manufacturing is coming into its own, and being niche, nimble and natural are key ingredients for success, says Kerrie Richards from Merino Country.


  • Queensland Country Life Face Masks Feature

    Queensland Country Life recently published an article about our Face Masks and local manufacturing. Sally Gall wrote about how we turned our clothing and underwear factory into a full time Face Mask factory.
  • Merino Country on Australia All Over with Macca

    Kerrie Richards of Merino Country spoke with Ian McNamara (Macca) on ABC's Australia All Over about our Merino Masks and being able to produce them...
  • 2015 Merino Country in Sydney Morning Herald - Guess who's wearing woolly knickers?

    They are protecting our country and community and they're warm as toast.

    Sydney Morning Herald has done a feature on our Merino Wundies and how they are used by the Australian navy, army and air force...

  • 2015 Outdoor Retailer Australia Expo

    Merino Country had a lot of fun down in Sydney at the Outdoor Retailers Australia Expo on the 14-16th June with a beautiful stall set up to showcase