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Customer Reviews


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I have been wearing Merino Country products for 20 years . Each year out they come, with occasional additions. For travelling they are an absolute must. I love and have always loved wool good on you Kerrie - you deserve every success. ROZ ...THE GAP, QLD

I first heard of Merino Country about 20 years ago and have been buying your products ever since. I find them very wearable summer and winter and most importantly when you lead a busy life. Indestructible, great for travelling as they wash and dry quickly. JUDY... TOOWONG, QLD

Just a note to let you know what we think your WUNDIES ! My husband wears them & so do I and they are just great!! So comfortable, don't itch or lose their shape or colour. They don't pill - I've washed them many times and they also dry very fast. We are gradually building up a collection of them!! Thanks again for great products and supporting the Aussie Wool Industry. DEBBIE & TREVOR, BYLANDS, VIC

This is just a note to let you know how indispensable your clothes were to me while we were in Italy dury December/January. I was determined to travel light and took only two of your skivvies, 3 pairs of leggings, 2 jerseys and a pair of wool jeans. Everything dried well overnight and I was always comfortable. Your lightweight wool clothes, under a good coat were really all I needed. It's hard to believe we'll ever need heavy warm clothes again, but I'll be seeing you when I need to top up my supplies. SUE...ST LUCIA, QLD

I used get thrush regularly, especially when out on programs (work trips) for weeks at a time, but now that I wear WUNDIES I don't have a problem. FIONA...MELBOURNE, VIC

Dear Merino Country Earlier this year I took some of your products on a 6 week holiday to Spain - two t-shirts, one pair of Wundies and a long sleeve zip neck top. I spent 3 weeks as a regular tourist and 3 weeks walking 500km of the Via de la Plata. I was very impressed with the clothing I took. I expected them to dry quickly but I was surprised when I found that they dried quicker than a 'high-tech' fabric t-shirt I had from Paddy Pallin's. But even when I didn't have time to dry them out completely they were quite bearable to wear while still a bit damp. The clothes were comfortable to wear too (much more comfortable than cotton or polypropylene) – even after up to three days walking and sweating. I also discovered that even when they got soaked in sweat and I stopped for a break I didn't get that horrible chilling feeling you get from other fabrics. They also didn't get smelly easily. While it's true they did get a bit smelly after three weeks wear it was nothing like the stench you get from cotton or polyprop! The other good thing about the clothes, but probably not of the highest importance to me, is that they look quite sharp to wear as a regular tourist. I also bought my partner a singlet before the trip and she likes it so much she'd been wearing it to work all winter in Brisbane.  Cheerful Regards  Mark.........

I skied Maryjane, California in December and just took your thermals – 3 layers in –20 degrees and I was really warm whilst those around me froze!. Also love the bootleg pants - great for travel and at night! ANDREA......MITCHELTON, QLD

I was in transit for nearly 30 hours and when I got to LA had to go straight out to dinner – travelled in your bootleg pants, long sleeve t with a wrap – looked and felt fresh as a daisy when I arrived. Accidently put my Merino Country gear in the hotel laundry – didn’t hurt them at all – they still look great!! CARMEN... PADDINGTON, QLD

Merino Country has the contract to supply the Victoria Police with merino thermals – these are some comments from a recent survey of members of the Victoria Police who were issued with our products:

Fantastic feel & Maintain Warmth. Great product all round. ..MILL PARK 

Excellent washing & drying ability and excellent thermal properties. STEVE...WANGWARRIN

The very best. . HOPPERS CROSSING

It washes very soft – warm & comfortable. KEN….HENDRICKSON 


Excellent Product. TONY... WONDONGA