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Article: Inspiring Men For Men's Health Week | Glen Richards - Healthy Entrepreneur

Inspiring Men For Men's Health Week | Glen Richards - Healthy Entrepreneur

For Mens Health Week we are highlighting some inspiring men in our community. Introducing our first Inspiring man of this series - Glen Richards. Glen Richards is from Richmond, Queensland where he grew up on the family's' sheep & cattle station. In 1994, Glen founded Green Cross Vets - which is a household name around Australia for quality veterinarian services and you may recognise him as a shark on the Channel 10 series, Shark Tank. If his name and story isn't familiar yet then you may know him as Kerrie Richards' brother! 

 Glen and Kerrie Richards in 1995

Glen Richards with Merino Country Founder Kerrie Richards at the 1993 Waltzing Matilda Centenary in Winton, Queensland.

Glen has been a great supporter of Merino Country since the beginning, helping when the business was just getting going and has been a sounding board for years as well as being one Merino Country's first models in the 90's. Kerrie & Glen also came up with our brand name Wundies over a bottle of red wine many years ago and they've been part of his wardrobe ever since!!

Glen is passionate about health and wellbeing and is very involved with many  health related businesses including being the Non-Executive Chair of Healthia  an allied health group servicing local communities and families.


Glen and two of his girls at a Merino Country Pop Up Shop.

Caroline interviewed Glen about how he juggles such a busy schedule, family and social life and still finds the time to prioritise his health and well being.

What is something you do for your mental well-being?

Run three to four times per week (locked into my weekly schedule). Ensure plenty of sleep, sensible diet, and ensure recreational time and holiday time is prioritised as part of weekly and annual planning.


Taking some time out. Is it a Hole in One?

How do you juggle family life, work, and physical activities?

Forward planning so that schedules for holidays, exercise, work, meetings and projects are locked into my weekly schedules. It is important to prioritise exercise and “repair” time as part of weekly scheduling otherwise work commitments dominate your life.

At the top of Mount Coolum

What would you like to see changed in our society to benefit and prioritise Men’s health?

Easy access to proactive mens’ health hubs… proactive wellness, monitoring of important health measures  - blood pressure, ECG, Calcium score CT cardiac scans,  blood tests including cholesterol, PSA  levels, colonoscopies, body weight, fat scores etc. Access to dieticians, exercise physiologists, mindset coaches, psychologists etc.

What is one piece of life advice you’d like to share with the younger generations?

Be willing to seek out mentors, peer mentors and life coaches across a broad range of subjects including health and wellness. Be willing to open up and chat with mates.

Finishing as a Team in the The Blackhall Ultra Challange, 2022

You’ve been a huge supporter of Merino Country since the beginning. What has been your favourite Merino Country piece from over the years?

The  Boxer shorts for sleep wear - they move with you and are really comfy to sleep in. I'm also a fan of the Classic mens briefs  

 If you'd like to read more about why Merino clothing and underwear is ideal for a healthy sleep - READ OUR SLEEPWEAR BLOG.

 Mal, Kerrie & Glen

Owners of Merino Country, Mal & Kerrie, celebrating with Glen.

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