Why Wear Merino?

Why Wear Merino?

Comfort & Performance...Naturally!

Merino is Circular and Renewable

The Properties Of Merino Wool

Merino Country Clothing is naturally soft

100% Natural, Soft & Comfortable

Our merino wool is soft touch and provides natural comfort for people with skin conditions including eczema, chaffing, radiation & chemo burns.

Merino Clothing and underwear is thermoregulating

Regulates Body Temperature

Merino wool lets our body breathe & insulates, keeping us dry when we sweat, cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

Merino Clothing wicks moisture and sweat away from you

Absorbs Moisture & Breathes

Naturally lets the body breathe and wicks moisture & sweat away keeping you dry, comfortable & healthy.

Merino Clothing Reduces Body odour and chaffing

Reduces Body Odour & Chaffing

Naturally anti-microbial, merino wool keeps you fresh and comfortable longer, reducing body odour, chaffing & fungal infections.

Merino Clothing is naturally Elastic

Naturally Elastic

Wool is naturally elastic and moves in harmony with your body giving you freedom to move. It retains it's shape with no stretching or bagging! Drapes beautifully and feels great to travel, work, play & sleep in.

Merino Country Clothing is Easy Care and Quick Drying

Easy Care & Quick Dry

Machine wash & low heat tumble dry with no shrinking or pilling - our merino keeps it's shape & the colours don't fade.

Merino Country Clothing for travel and all year wear

Ideal for Wear All Year Round

From the steamy tropics to the chilly ski slopes... our clothing will take you around the world in total comfort!

Merino Clothing with Sun Factor protection

Sun Protection Factor

Merino wool fabrics have a natural sun protection factor of SPF50+, which is equal to the leading sun protection clothing specifically designed for use in Australia.

Merino clothing and underwear made locally in Australia

Supporting Local

We only use Australian Grown Merino Wool and our fabrics are knitted and dyed in Australia to International Standards. All garments are sewn in our own factory in Queensland, employing local people and supporting our community.


Perfect for Menopause!

May I say I absolutely love your products, especially as menopause makes my temperature regulation so unpredictable. The wool is just so easy to layer up or strip off as needed and takes care of any perspiration so I'm not dripping wet then freezing after the hot flush has subsided!! Also my grandson who is 8 and has eczema and sensitive skin, absolutely loves his long sleeved T-shirts and wears them non stop!



Want to learn more about Merino?

Read more about the wonderful natural properties of Merino and download the below brochures.

Merino and the Benefits for Skin Conditions

Merino For Skin Conditions Brochure


Soft Merino for Cancer Patients

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Merino for Protection in the Workplace

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Technical Info on Merino & Skin Conditions

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