Washing and Care

Do NOT use detergents with whiteners, brighteners, bleach or stain removers in them. These enzymes will break down the wool fibre and cause holes.


Wash before Wear. Warm Machine Wash. Use PH Neutral Detergent (no whiteners/brighteners or stain removers- they do nasty things to wool). Definitely NO Bleach. Warm Iron. Line Dry or Low Heat Tumble Dry (remove from Dryer just before completely dry).

Our products are very hardy and will even go in commercial laundries. However we recommend that you don't wash our garments with products that have metal zips. (If you do wash with work clothes/jeans with metal zips - the teeth may catch and hole the fine merino fabric!).

To increase the life of our Wundies we advise not to put them in a Tumble Dryer as they are not kind to elastic & rubber used in waists and legs.

Actually, merino wool dries so quickly you really don't need to Tumble Dry unless it's an emergency!!


Please note - do NOT use any detergents which contain Bleach, Whiteners or Brighteners or stain removers - there are a couple of big brands with bleach/whiteners/brighteners/stain removers which weaken the fibres and create holes in Merino fabric and are to be avoided. If unsure of what to use please contact us on 1800 606 969 and we'll help you out! 

AVOID products that say things like "tough on stains" "super white" etc - they'll often have the following wording and are to be avoided  - Optical Brighteners, Enzymes, Bleach - either chlorine or oxygen based, Heavy Duty Detergents, Softeners, Stain Removers, "Bio” detergents containing enzymes

See Our Recommended Detergent


Merino requires less washing than other fibres which means fewer laundry loads & less use of detergents and power. Because merino wool is naturally anti-microbial & doesn't stink you'll get more than one day's wear.

If you don't have time to wash your merino garments, simply hang them up and air them out overnight or hang them in the bathroom while you take a shower - the steam will rejuvenate them.


Merino Wool is a protein and in certain conditions bugs will eat it. Do not leave unwashed garments, particularly underwear, lying around or for excessive periods of time in the laundry basket.

If you have problems with moths and other critters or are storing your merino garments try putting a cat's flea collar or a dab of tea-tree oil on cotton wool in your cupboards & drawers to keep them away.

When storing them put in a sealed bag or container and before you put them away put the sealed bag in either the sun or deep freeze - this should stop those pesky critters!


Treat stains immediately - rinse with cold water & if necessary use a mild soap or detergent and rub gently.


Merino is ideal for all occasions and makes the perfect travel companion - versatile, durable & flexible. It needs no ironing, dries quickly and packs into a small space!

When travelling choose simple styles that can be dressed up or down for different occasions and can be layered for different temperatures. Choose one or two key colours and pieces that are interchangeable.

When packing trying rolling your merino wool garments - wool remembers the shape it was in before you packed and minor wrinkles will relax when unpacked. Fold them no more than once across the middle and then roll from the top down. 

When you arrive, unpack and hang your clothes up as soon as you can - the less time they spend in your bag the better! Leave any creased clothes hanging while you're having a shower and they should be good to go when you are!