Due to high demand for our masks there may be some delay in shipping


  • Australian Merino Face Masks... Naturally!

    The natural properties and unique structure of our 100% Australian Merino fabric made to our specifications, means that the tight knit construction is ideal for use in our Merino face mask ... Naturally!
  • Science supports wearing Wundies... Naturally!

    The natural properties of wool mean that our Australian Merino wool underwear, WUNDIES, have natural health benefits as well as being REALLY COMFY!
  • Why you should wear Merino for Activewear

    Merino is a versatile, natural fibre that is perfect for sports and activewear. Gone are the days where wool meant thick itchy knitted sweaters! The natural properties of wool make this natural fibre really great for wearing in the heat or when working out.
  • Love + Merino = MERINO LOVERS... Naturally!

    Looking for gift ideas that will be cherished? How about sharing the LOVE with our Australian Merino clothing & underwear for all Lovers... NATURALLY!
  • Wool Swimwear

    Plastic-free Swimwear? Everywhere you look in the shops you will find synthetic swimwear made from Lycra, Spandex, Polyester, Nylon or blended synthetic fibers. It has become the norm to accept swimwear made from these plastic fibres, but swimwear wasn't always made from synthetics...... 
  • Pop Up Shop

    We're always popping up in other places and right now we've got a Pop Up store just a stone's throw away from the Brisbane City centre in Stone's Corner
  • Save the World Eco Expo

    Australia’s largest health and sustainability expo was on this past weekend and we were lucky enough to attend with our 100% Australian Merino Clothing. The Brisbane Eco Expo brought together like-minded people from...
  • Running For Bums

    Running from Tasmania to Cape York in Merino Activewear to raise awareness for Bowel Cancer - Running For Bums Jenna Brook     We are so proud to ...