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Article: Inspiring Men | Nick Bamford, Ultra Trail Runner

Inspiring Men | Nick Bamford, Ultra Trail Runner

Nick Bamford is an ultra runner who was in need of some warm gear for his recent run, The 231km West Macs Monster Trail on the Larapinta trail out of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Originally from Scotland in the UK, where he represented the University of Oxford at ice hockey (and… tiddlywinks), Nick has now made Brisbane his home. It is here that he trains with a local running group and he wears our Merino thermal which includes a pair of leggings and a long sleeve raglan top in our heavy weight, 275gsm Australian Merino.

Nick looking comfy and warm in his Merino Country Thermals

What inspired you to take up long distance running?

I moved to Brisbane from London and had put on a bit of weight so I signed up for a trail marathon to give me a goal. That went ok but running went on the back burner for a bit after that. After a challenging time at work I started training properly to keep my thoughts in order and found that I had some natural ability; when I combined that with disciplined training I started getting results.

Merino thermals nick bamford

Nick in our Thermals in Alice Springs before heading out to Mt Sonder to start his 231km run.

For any men out there who want to start running but don’t know how – what tips can you give them?

Find a group of like minded people who you enjoy spending time with and run with them. I started running with a group of guys who knew each other through their kids; everyone has got better and now we have adventures all around the country and further afield.

After 47 hours running in the desert - "That Winning Feeling "!

What keeps you motivated?

I really enjoy running. I love being out bush, I love the community, I love the mental and physical challenge. That doesn’t always cut it at 04:30 when my alarm goes off but it’s now ingrained as a habit.

What is one piece of life/health advice you’d like to share

Get any health issues or injuries checked and sorted out early, often it’s no big deal. Men can be so bad at getting help and the longer we leave things the worse it can get. This is just as relevant for mental health and illness as it is for training injuries.

Nick Bamford running at night

At night on the Larapinta Trail, 2022

You recently were introduced to Merino Country and wore our thermals on your latest run - West Macs 231km Monster Trail and won! How did you find our thermals for the run?

I looked in my pack and there they were 😉. On the second night I was running through the desert the temperature got down to 5 degrees and the exhaustion was making it difficult for me regulate my temperature to the point my whole body was shaking. When I put on my Merino thermals it was like a hug from mum. I’ve since been wearing that same top out to dinner and the pub and getting complimented on it so it now a regular part of my smart casual wardrobe.

Nick said "It got bloody cold out there and I was struggling to regulate my temperature by the end, I’m not exaggerating when I say I wouldn’t have been able to finish without your thermals."
Someone else said he "finished with 100% battery life on the tracker, it barely even dropped voltage he was that fast".
Did you know that The Larapinta Trail extending west from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder, passes through 232 km of the spectacular central section of the 2nd largest mountain range in Australia, the West MacDonnell Ranges?
Our Central Australia Desert approved Thermals are in Stock to keep you warm every day or on your epic adventures! 

nick bamford merino thermals

Nick's next big adventure is to run in the UTMB Mont Blanc Ultra Trail in France in  August - don't think he ever walks! 

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