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Article: Merino Wool Swimwear... Naturally!

Merino Wool Swimwear... Naturally!

Plastic-free Swimwear

Everywhere you look in the shops you will find synthetic swimwear made from Lycra, Spandex, Polyester, Nylon or blended synthetic fibers. It has become the norm to accept swimwear made from these plastic fibres, but swimwear wasn't always made from synthetics. 

Did you know swimsuits used to be made from wool? Dating back to the 18th century swimwear was vastly made from natural fibres such as wool and cotton. However during WWII these resources became scarce and so designers looked for ways to use less of these natural fibres. It was during this time that synthetic fabrics were invented and introduced to the world - replacing a lot of demand for natural fibre fabrics. 

Swimwear was made with these plastic fabrics due to their water-resistance. We are now we are seeing the harm of micro-plastics from synthetic fabric as they enter our waterways... it's time to go back to our history and wear natural swimwear!  

Merino Swimwear

Our Merino basics are great for swimwear! You can wear these pieces in the pool and beach and they are 100% Australian Merino!

Jane Milburn of Textile Beat took our Singlet and Full Briefs for a test drive in the pool and they passed with flying colours!

"They worked a treat. Not see-through, didn't sag when wet, warm and non-clingy on exit. Rinsed after swim and hung to dry until next swim. So far so good" - Jane Milburn. 

Jane Milburn testing our Merino Camisole and Full Brief during her daily swims. 2018

It's important to care for Merino clothing especially if you wear it in chlorine. Rinse straight away to remove chlorine and hang to dry until you can wash them in wool-safe detergent. Don't leave them to soak.

Benefits of Merino Swimwear

  • Sun safe - UPF 50+
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Naturally elastic
  • NO SYNTHETICS or Micro-plastics

Our Swimwear Picks

Merino Wool Swimwear

Women's Singlet  Sports Brief, Panel Briefs , Crop Top, Full Panel Briefs, Bikini Hipster Briefs, Baa Bra

Merino Singlet and Boyleg Set

Women's Sport Top with Inbuilt Support and Boyleg Briefs  - as a swimsuit 2 piece - Merino Wool Swim Top and Swim Shorts


Merino Panel Sports Shirt

Men and Women's Panel T-shirt - as a UPF50+ Rashy top

Mens Merino Swim trunks

Classic Men's Brief - as men's essential swimmers

Merino Hipster Briefs

Women's Hipster Briefs paired with X-back sports top - as a swim set

Merino Bike Pants

Men's Bike Pants or Men's Fitted Boxers - as swim pants

These are just a few of our top picks for swimwear. All our underwear pieces for men, women and kids are great for swimming in! They dry quickly so you can wear them all day - jump in the pool, rinse off and wear under your clothes without having to get changed! 


I’m so delighted to have found your company. I’ve been wanting wool swimwear for a while now! I’m curious if you have swimwear for children. I didn’t see any.

If you don’t currently make it, I think it would be amazing if you did! I know many moms who would be interested in buying for their little ones.



I wore my Merino Country pocket leggings while snorkeling in Fiji. Loved the sun protection, no sagging, didn’t get cold legs, rinsed out and dried overnight.

Katherine -The 5 Kilo Traveller

I wore the my merino country pocket leggings while snorkeling in Fiji this week. Loved the sun protection, no sagging, didn’t get cold legs, rinsed out and dried overnight.

Katherine Leamy

I am looking for swimming gloves, for sun protection, potentially stinger protection as well. I am a bit tired of synthetics – while finding cotton shirts, trousers and such is generally easy, swimming equipment is all about lycra and neoprene. Where could I find woolen gloves with UPF50 rating, suitable for swimming? And taking care of woolen clothing sounds a bit tricky.
Thank you. Best wishes.


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