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The Ultimate Guide For Ethical Activewear

Staying active is an important part of everyone's life which is why we have put together the ultimate guide for Australian made, ethical and sustainable activewear for the whole family!

We know how important function and comfort is for your activewear which is why we have created a range of work out clothing made with our stretch 100% Australian Merino and Merino-blend fabrics.

Merino is naturally stretchy Merino is naturally stretchy!

Merino is naturally elastic and with our specialty knitting, our fabrics have a good range of stretch so the fabric moves with your body and doesn't restrict movement.

This is why so many of our customers use our merino activewear as yoga wear. Here are our top picks for low impact sports such as Yoga:

 Karen of Sustainable Styling wears our Singlet with Shelf Bra with our Crop Pants for yoga.

Moisture Wicking Merino Merino is naturally breathable and moisture wicking!

Merino is known for it's breathability and moisture wicking properties. This make Merino great for sports that make you sweat. Here are our top picks for Summer sports:

Merino Activewear

Rhys Kosakowski in our Action Back Mesh Singlet and Merino Leggings for an intense ballet workout.

Merino is thermoregulating Merino is temperature regulating

Merino keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it's hot! That means Merino wool lets your body breathe & insulates, keeping us dry when we sweat as well! This makes Merino great for Winter sports AND outdoor hot sports. Here are our top picks for ethical activewear for snow AND Summer sports:

Merino Snow Clothing

 Karen of Sustainable Styling wears our Women's Merino Thermal Pack leggings and shirt, Long Neck Warmer and Alpaca socks!


Merino is antimicrobialMerino is Anti-microbial and Odour-free


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