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Article: QueenslandHER - Celebrating the Women of Queensland

QueenslandHER - Celebrating the Women of Queensland

It’s been tough. From the devastating bushfires, extreme floods and drought, to the pandemic which rattled our reality to its roots. We’ve all come face-to-face with adversity. We’ve all come up against our own uniquely difficult challenges. But if it’s taught us anything, it is to never underestimate the women of the sunshine state.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland  Chief Executive Dr Robyn Littlewood said QueenslandHER was a platform for women to share their achievements in the face of the unprecedented challenges of the past 12 months, from droughts and bushfires to COVID-19.

“We know Queensland women have done it tough this year. There have been periods of devastation, confusion and uncertainty, and throughout this time, many have found ways to stand tall during these challenging times” Dr Littlewood said.

Health & Wellbeing Queensland gave voice to eight Queenslandhers who stood tall in the face of adversity. Kerrie, our CEO, was put forward by the Qld Country Women's Association, to participate in the Queensland Government campaign and spoke about the challenges of the global pandemic and how she responded.

"2020 has been an incredibly difficult year" - Kerrie Richards


QueenslandHER Filming crew

 BEHIND THE SCENES : The Production & Film Crew with Kerrie & Mal

Hair, Make-up, Cameras, Lights... Action! Filming took about 4 hours, two crews and many, many takes to get it right but the wonderful people of Light and Shade Media and BCM Group captured the day well. It's amazing how all that work is then condensed into a just a minute or two! Kerrie was interviewed at the Shailer Park factory and showroom where all the cutting and sewing takes place. 

"I take my hat off to the professionals who make being in front of the camera look so easy - that was really stressful" - Kerrie Richards

Merino Country Face Mask Production

Kerrie Richards wearing and holding the 3 layer Merino Face Mask in the Shailer Park Factory/Showroom Here at the factory there are up to 50 machines and of course our specialty cutting machine that can cut thousands of face masks and other items per day!

Kerrie and Mal proudly employed an extra 10 locals to help during the height of the pandemic where people lost their jobs due to lockdowns. This was an especially hard time for those who could not access government assistance but with the new job opportunities created at Merino Country they were able to find work with the massive demand for locally made face masks. This was how Kerrie and Mal adapted their business to not only help with the supply of face masks to the community but also create jobs during a time when employment was at it's lowest and to respond to the incredible demand for Australian made products.

"Both my husband and I are off the land, and what we've learnt is that it's either drought or flood and you need to adapt quickly and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way." 


Merino Country Making Face Masks

Kerrie Richards with experienced machinist Kym 

The QueenslandHer campaign video was able to capture and tell Kerrie and Mal's story in a beautiful and inspiring way. Troubles and adversity will always come our way but as Queenslanders who face droughts, floods, fires and pandemics in one season we know we can tackle anything that comes our way! Check out the other 7 QueenslandHer videos for some inspiring and warming stories of how these amazing women turned their adversities into successes.

QueenslandHer Production

"Some people watch what happens, some people make things happen, some people wonder what happened. I'm one of those people that makes things happen." - Kerrie Richards


The QueenslandHer Video

See the whole series of videos and watch Rochelle, Maggie, Emily, Irene, Samira, Gen and Jillians' story here:


Merino Country QueenslandHer Video

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Kerrie, you are a proud Queenslander. I am a very proud mum to see what you have achieved. Mum

Sandra Richards

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