Sheep Dreams - get a good night's sleep in Merino... Naturally!

Why you should be wearing Merino to sleep

Falling asleep may be easier than you think in Australian Merino...

Merino is perfect for sleeping in as it breathes, keeps your body at an optimum temperature & you won't overheat, wicks moisture away and is naturally elastic & moves in harmony with your body.

Our different styles of tops and bottoms make the ideal natural fibre pyjamas for a great nights' sleep and also make really comfy lounge wear for everyday! 

A good night’s sleep promotes physical and psychological health and it has been shown to boost immunity, optimise memory and cognitive function and is important for managing anxiety.

baby sleeping

Backed by science

Wearing Merino wool pyjamas and sleepwear have been shown to help fall asleep faster and have a less disturbed sleep compared to other fibre types.

A recent study  was undertaken by  the  University  of  Sydney  to  compare  the  effect  on  sleep  quality  of  wool,  cotton  and  polyester  sleepwear.

 The  key  findings  were that Sleeping in Merino wool:

  • resulted  in  less  fragmented  sleep  compared  to  sleeping  in  other  fabrics.
  •  reduced  the  time  taken  to  get  to  sleep  compared  with  sleeping  in  cotton  and  polyester.  
  • resulted  in  less  total  wake  time  for  poor  sleepers  after  sleep  onset,  compared  to  sleeping  in  cotton.  
  • significantly reduced the time for participants to fall asleep, thereby tending to increase total sleep time

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 The right sleepwear for you

Choosing the right sleepwear for you can be difficult as everyone is different. here are a few tips and recommendations to choose the right pj's for you!

The Fit

Firstly consider if you are more comfortable in tight clothing or loose fitting clothes. If you like your sleepwear loose you may just have to go up a size.

Merino Bed Jacket

Karen is wearing our Lightweight Cardigan which makes a great bed jacket. She wears our teal cardi in size small for a more fitted look for everyday wear. Then she wears our black cadi in a size up with the sleeves pushed up for a more loose fit for bedtime.

Shop Lightweight Cardigan

The Style

Choosing the right style for you really comes down to your preference. You want to choose a pyjama that you feel the most comfortable and that won't have you adjusting it in the middle of the night. 

Merino Nightiemens merino pyjamas

 Phyll wears our Merino V-neck T-shirt Dress as a nightie. Glen wears our thermal set as pyjamas.



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