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Article: Men's Health Week

Men's Health Week

13 - 19th June is Men's Health Week 2022 - a week focused on supporting and promoting men's wellbeing - physically, emotionally and mentally. This year's theme is "Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys" and is co-ordinated by the Centre for Male Health, Western Sydney University. 

We had a look at the Men's Health Week website and were shocked at some of the statistics! Did you know men live 4.4 years less than women and their last 11 years are in poor health! This statistic was even more shocking when we saw that only 30% of a man's overall health is determined by his genetics - therefore 70% is controllable through lifestyle. 

This is why awareness weeks are important and why it's important to talk about men's health. We can help change the statistic of poor health through better lifestyle choices!   

Here at Merino Country our products are helping men stay healthy! Did you know Merino provides you with health benefits and also comfort advantages over other fibres. Wool is naturally fire resistant, it breathes and insulates. Designed for comfort whilst at work or play, it is ideal for wear all year round - keeping you warm in winter, and cool and dry in summer.

Mens Merino Pyjamas

Healthy Pyjamas - Better Sleep 

A good night’s sleep promotes physical and psychological health and it has been shown to boost immunity, optimise memory and cognitive function and is important for managing anxiety.

Wearing Merino wool pyjamas and sleepwear have been shown to help fall asleep faster and have a less disturbed sleep compared to other fibre types. Read more about this HERE

Because Merino makes an ideal sleeping conditions for your body, you can rest easy knowing you'll have a good night sleep. The natural properties of Merino will ensure you don't overheat and will keep you dry. Enjoy the extra zzz's you'll get in Merino.

Mens Merino Underwear

Healthy Underwear - Wool Down Under

Scientific research supports what we already know - The natural properties of wool mean that our Australian Merino wool underwear, WUNDIES, keep you comfortable and healthy all year round. Our natural undies help prevent chaffing, odour, fungal infections and are great for sensitive skin caused by allergies, eczema, chemotherapy and radium treatment.

Wool is also good for the little swimmers! Male infertility isn't a subject spoken about openly, but it should be! Men's health matters and should be talked about. Sperm count can change depending on what fabric you wear! Researchers found that polyester fabric underwear saw a sharp decrease in their participant's sperm count. (read more here)

 Merino, unlike polyester, is naturally breathable, moves with your body so it doesn't restrict blood flow and keeps moisture away from your body. This makes it an ideal environment down under for better health.

It may seem like such a small thing to do for your health by just watching what fabrics you put on your skin but the benefits prove that it can make a big impact! 

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