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Wool Down Under - The Benefits of Wearing Australian Merino Underwear

Wool Down Under - Australian Merino Underwear... Naturally! Scientific research supports what we already know - The natural properties of wool mean that our Australian Merino wool underwear, WUNDIES, keep you comfortable and healthy all year round. Our natural undies help prevent chaffing, odour, fungal infections and are great for sensitive skin caused by allergies, eczema, chemotherapy and radium treatment.
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We wear Merino wool for the same reason sheep grow it... to protect us from the elements. Each minute fibre is made from interlocking proteins called keratins - the same proteins that act as a protective outer layer on our own skin. This gives wool the unique ability to work like a second skin, in total harmony with our own body's protection mechanisms.
Merino Underwear for Men and Women

Natural, soft Merino   100% NATURAL, SOFT & COMFORTABLE...Our merino wool is soft touch and provides natural comfort for people with skin conditions including eczema, chaffing, radiation & chemo burns.

Merino Thermo-regulating REGULATES BODY TEMPERATURE...Merino wool lets our body breathe & insulates, keeping us dry when we sweat, cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

Merino absorbs moisture   ABSORBS MOISTURE & BREATHES...Naturally lets the body breathe and wicks moisture & sweat away keeping you dry, comfortable & healthy.

Merino Reduces Body Odour   REDUCES BODY ODOUR & CHAFFING... Naturally anti-microbial, merino wool keeps you fresh and comfortable longer, reducing body odour, chaffing & fungal infections.

Merino is naturally elastic   NATURALLY ELASTIC... Wool is naturally elastic and moves in harmony with your body giving you freedom to move. It retains it's shape with no stretching or bagging! Drapes beautifully and feels great to travel, work, play & sleep in.

Recently published research has demonstrated that wearing Merino wool next to the skin is beneficial those with sensitive skin. This adds to a growing number of research findings supporting the wellbeing & health benefits of Merino wool. The research has shown that wearing  Merino wool significantly improves the severity and symptoms of this chronic skin condition, challenging misconceptions that all wool is prickly and itchy.
  • Published in the British Journal of Dermatology, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute study, led by Associate Professor John Su, concluded that traditional management guidelines classing all wool-based clothing as irritants should be modified to include superfine Merino wool as a recommended clothing choice in childhood atopic dermatitis. Click here to listen to Prof Johns Su https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY0nIlfIYPw&feature=youtu.be
  • Published in the Journal of Scientific & Technical Research the Queensland Institute of Dermatology study, led by Dr Lynda Spelman, concluded superfine Merino wool base-layer garments could provide a valuable adjunct therapy in the management of atopic dermatitis.
  • Published in the medical journal Dermatitis and led by Professor Joe Fowler, a study of child and adult sufferers of eczema by the Division of Dermatology, University of Louisville, Kentucky, confirmed that wearing Merino wool clothing compared to standard clothing provided improvements in severity of atopic dermatitis as well as quality of life in atopic dermatitis patients.

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