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Article: Merino Is Good For Your Skin

Merino Is Good For Your Skin

For many years it was believed that wool was a cutaneous (relating to or affecting the skin) allergen. People with skin sensitivities would avoid wool because of this. Recent studies have shown that this is not the case for fine wools such as fine Merino! In fact a new study by Australian Wool Innovation has shown that fine Merino wool can be therapeutic for conditions such as eczema and that Merino is hypoallergenic and it is now officially recognised as allergy friendly.

A recent study by the Queensland Institute of Dermatology has found that next to skin Merino garments are not only a low irritant and allergy risk, they also have a significant therapeutic effect. The pilot study examined the role of Merino garments in the treatment of chronic dermatitis conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis. Patients in the six week study claimed a range of benefits from wearing merino underwear and clothing including:

• Reduction in doses of prescribed medication
• Significant improvement in the look and feel of their skin
• Being able to wear a bra for the first time in 25 years
• Reduced redness, itchiness, inflammation

 “These initial results have truly been amazing. We have seen substantial reductions in skin dryness, redness and itchiness, and in the measured area of inflammation – for a number of the patients, this is the first time a real solution to their condition has been presented. Wool appears to be keeping the relative humidity of the wearer’s skin at the levels it should be, preventing it from becoming too dry, or too wet.” Dr. Lynda Spelman, Veracity Clinical Research

Fine Merino on Skin

Other studies have found that fine Merino does "not activate sufficient c-fibres to cause itch, are well tolerated and may benefit eczema management." (1)

Merino Country’s Micron Knit™, is soft to touch and can be worn next to the skin without any irritation.

I’ve recently discovered the 100% Merino Wool Wundies from Merino Country and they are performing fabulously. I get terrible eczema and dermatitis from “normal” underpants and have suffered for many years. Finally, the Wundies are relieving these problems. A great find! GENEVIEVE, Brisbane

For us, it is important to debunk those misconceptions of Merino wool as it can actually help with quality of life for people with skin conditions. 

Synthetic Clothes Can Negatively Affect Your Health

Synthetic fibre clothes are made from fossil fuels. We know how fossil fuels can have a bad affect on our environment, but did you know that they can cause harm on you! Synthetic fibres are plastic - so when you wear synthetic clothing you are essentially wearing plastic. This means a lot of garments aren't letting your body breathe. This can be dangerous especially for infants who can't regulate their body temperature and are susceptible to overheating. 

Wearing synthetic fabrics can lead to excessive sweating which in hot climates can lead to losing body hydration. Excessive sweating can also lead to conditions such as chaffing. When your body sweats and the clothes you wear aren't breathable this can lead to the perfect conditions for fungus or yeasts to grow. This can lead to some very uncomfortable conditions on the body. To avoid these conditions it is important to wear clothing that is natural and moisture wicking.

"Just back from a 3 week sailing trip and noticed how WUNDIES outperformed other undies in wicking salt water away from the skin keeping me warm, dry and chafe-free!! Definitely stocking up on more!" Sailor Pete

Choose Merino For Your Body

Merino Children's Wear for Eczema

Merino wool is natural, moisture wicking and thermoregulating. This means Merino keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it's hot! Merino wool lets your body breathe and insulates, keeping us dry when we sweat as well! 


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