How to Choose the Right Detergent for Wool

Did you know our Merino wool clothing & underwear is Easy Care & Machine Washable? Merino wool has come a long way from the old traditional jumpers that were bulky and shrank if washed in the washing machine.  With new technology, machinery and processing techniques our specially designed easy care Micron Knit Merino fabric can be washed with your normal laundry in the washing machine with the right detergent. 

Although our Merino is easy care, you need to choose a wool safe detergent for the longevity of your Merino Country clothing and underwear. Some laundry detergents contain enzymes that target the dirt & stains in fabric and will also break down the wool fibres causing thinning and holes!

We recommend using a pH neutral detergent that does NOT contain bleach, brightners, whiteners or stain removers (these cause holes do NOT use it).

To extend the life of your beautiful Australian Merino clothing and underwear we have put together a guide to help you choose the right detergent.

What we Recommend

Merino Wool naturally doesn't need to be washed after every wear. To get more wears out of your garment between washes, just hang them up and air them out. When it is time to wash your favorite Merinos here are a few recommendations but not limited to these brands:

- Use Wool Safe Detergent

- Use Mild or Sensitive Detergent 

- Look for the Woolmark logo Woolmark Logo

Bosistos Sensitive Detergent 

Bosistos Sensitive Detergent

Earth Choice Sensitive

Earth Choice Sensitive

Earth Choice Wool Detergent

Earth Choice Wool and Sensitive

 Eco Store Detergent

Eco Store Laundry Liquid

Softly Detergent

 Softly Wool Wash

Dirty Laundry Wash

Dirt Wool and Delicate Wash


To see more recommendations by Woolmark and for international brands - click here.


What to Avoid

- Optical Brighteners

- Enzymes

 Bleach, either chlorine or oxygen based

- Heavy Duty Detergents

- Softeners  

- Stain Removers

- "Bio” detergents containing enzymes

 If necessary please contact us for further information.

More Tips on caring for your Merino Wool Products - WOOLCARE

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