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Article: International Women's Day 2023 | Embrace Equity

International Women's Day 2023 | Embrace Equity

 Happy International Women's day 2023! This year's theme is Embrace Equity - imagine a world free from bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Together we can achieve this kind of world and embrace equity - everyone deserves to be given a go!

When we embrace equity, we embrace diversity, and we embrace inclusion. We embrace equity to forge harmony and unity, and to help drive success for all. Equality is the goal, and equity is the means to get there. Through the process of equity, we can reach equality.

Merino Country Photo Shoot with Country Girl Management

The theme for International Women's Day (IWD) this year is challenging as we often hear about equality but rarely do we hear about equity. This theme was chosen by IWD to spark the conversation of why 'equality isn't enough'.

Equity and inclusion are so important within our communities, work places and homes. Everyone has their own unique stories and everyone's starting points are different to each others. this is why equitable action is necessary. 

International Womens day 2023

Merino Country Painting Workshop with Friends, Staff & Customers with Sandy McLean, Outback Artist

This year at Merino Country we are celebrating 30 years in business and 30 years of working in the Clothing & Textile Industry and also the Wool Industry!

For us, it has always been important as a brand and business to give everyone a go, no matter their differences.

It is our differences and diversity that make our workplace productive and enjoyable.  This is why we proudly employ women from different walks of life ranging from the ages of 19-70 years of age!

 A study found that in April 2021, older Australians (aged 65 and over) had a workforce participation rate of 15% whereas in 1980 this was 10.5%.  Some of our best and most productive employees are in the more "mature" age bracket with incredible life and industry skills which they are passing on to our younger employees!

Women in the workplace

Merino Country staff working together!

We've also had the good fortune to have ladies work with us from variety of different cultures including from Serbia, Afghanistan, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Korea, Japan, El Salvador, Vietnam and of course Australia! What amazing stories we've shared and what we've learnt from each other has been inspirational. 

Everyone deserves to be given a go and to be treated with equity. #EmbraceEquity

Embrace Equity 2023 International Womens Day

Embrace Equity | Picture from

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