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Article: Ultimate Camping Gear Guide

Ultimate Camping Gear Guide

Supporting local business is extremely important to us, so what better way to help out fellow Australians than to take a holiday in our own backyard, Australia!

This year we have experienced bush fires, a pandemic and continued drought in some regional areas. Our country towns and regional tourist areas need our support and in return we get to experience the amazing hospitality, sights, natural beauty, locally grown foods and friendly locals.

Merino wool is naturally breathable, thermoregulating (good in heat and cold weather), doesn't need ironing and doesn't need to be washed frequently (Yay - no smell!!) making it ideal for camp trips. 

We have compiled a list of our most versatile clothing for camping, caravanning or spending time in your back yard!

 The ultimate camp thermals

Merino Camping Clothing

Durable, warm, comfy and they don't need to be washed often! These are the ultimate camping thermals available in Men, Women and Kids sizes.


Shop women and men's thermals

Shop Kid's thermals

Kid's thermals

Kid's Merino Thermals

Keep the kids warm in 100% Merino Thermals that are comfy and soft for sensitive skin... Naturally!

Shop Kid's Thermals and Accessories

 Merino Comfy Pants - Trackie Daks

 Merino Track Pants

These comfy pants live up to their name, they're so so comfy! Wear them out on an adventure or to bed - they're great for anything and they have pockets!

Shop Merino Comfy Pants

 Merino Balaclava

Merino Balaclava

It can get quite cold out bush so don't forget to pack our 4 in 1 Balaclava. Protect your head, neck, face and ears from the cold.

Shop Merino Balaclava

Kid's Merino Neck Gaitor

Merino Kid's Neck Gaitor

Keep you'r kid's neck warm with a neck gaitor! Can be worn down around the neck or up over the mouth and nose for extra warmth - and it's very breathable!

Shop Kid's Neck Gaitors and Face Masks

 Short Sleeve Panel T-shirt

 Merino Sports Shirt

The Merino Short Sleeve Panel T-shirt is our activewear favourite. Made with flat lock seams it's so comfy and keeps you dry!

 Shop Short Sleeve Panel T-shirt 


Merino Zip Top

Merino Zip Top

A comfy, warm jumper for chilly days with a front zipper to zip up like a turtle neck or zip down as a collar.

Shop Merino Men's and Women's Zip Tops

Merino Hand Warmers

Keep your hands warm and protected with the Merino Hand Warmers. Great on cold mornings!

Buy Merino Hand Warmers

Merino Serappe

Merino Serappe

It's a wrap, shawl, skirt and even a blanket! One serappe and so many ways to wear with minimal packing space!  

Buy Serappe

Merino Polo Shirt

Merino Polo Shirts

A great shirt for any activity and provides extra coverage on the neck. Merino provides SPF protection... naturally!

Shop Men's Polos

Shop Women's Polos

Tough Wool Socks

Socks that will warm your feet up and are durable! The perfect sock for camping!

Shop our range of socks

Kid's Merino Socks

Keep the little toes warm in these super soft Merino socks. The natural properties of wool keep moisture away from the skin so no more smelly feet!

Shop Merino Kid's Socks

Merino Beanies

100% Merino Beanies in all the colours of the rainbow! Keep your head warm with a beanie in your choice of colour.

Shop Beanies

Leg Warmers

An innovative product to keep your legs warm. These leg warmers provide great warmth and coverage to your legs that can be taken off when the day heats up. Great leg warmers and loved by our customers in wheel chairs. Extra warmth with convenience!

Shop Leg Warmers

See our full range of women's, men's and kid's Merino clothing for other camping clothing ideas. The amazing properties of wool will keep you comfy and warm while out seeing Australia and the world.

Happy Camping!

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