100% Australian Merino... Naturally!

Australian Merino Face Masks... Naturally!

With so many requests from our customers for a Face Mask made out of our 100% Australian Merino fabric, we got to work and now have in production a reusable, natural face mask, our 100% Merino Face Mask.

We wear Merino wool garments for the same reason sheep grow it... to protect us from the elements. Each minute fibre is made from interlocking proteins called keratins - the same proteins that act as a protective outer layer on our own skin. This gives wool the unique ability to work like a second skin - in total harmony with our own body's protection mechanisms.

Please note this is NOT a P2 mask or surgical mask. 



100% Australian Merino Wool Face Mask

  • 4 Layers of soft Merino fabric 
  • Covered Rubber for firm fit to the face
  • Adjustable Straps for comfort & fit
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Moisture wicking - no sweat, no smell
  • SPF 50+
  • Made in Australia from Australian Merino
  • Available in 2 sizes


The Merino jersey fabric we produce is unique to Merino Country with our own specifications and finishing of the fabric that makes it different from other Merino fabrics. Developed for comfort, durability and performance - our products are ideal for work, travel and play... Naturally!

Combine the unique structure of our fabric with the natural properties of wool and it's only natural that we would use it in a face mask. Merino wool is truly an amazing fibre and its' complex chemical structure is what allows it to have so many inherent benefits.

Picture Source: The Woolmark Company


  • As a merino grower myself i think this is a great idea and im sure you’ve been asked a lot lately but will these help protect myself and my family with the carona virus going about at the moment

    Thanks Ian

  • WOW!!
    What a fantastic idea 🗯. Made from our own natural product and AUSTRALIAN MADE to boot🐑.

    Linda Dingley
  • Hi Kerrie. I just heard you on Macca. I’d like to buy a mask, and I see that it’s not a P2 or surgical mask. Can you please advise what it filters out?

    Maggie Adeney
  • Great idea, thinking outside the square👌
    We are wool producers 🐑
    and you are using the best natural sustainable product 👌

    Ellen Tom

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