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Article: The Best Women's Undies Style for Your Body Type

The Best Women's Undies Style for Your Body Type

Every body is different, this is why we offer a wide range of styles and sizes of knickers to accommodate everybody! Shopping for undies can be difficult and for some it can be quite overwhelming with all the different style names out there. This is why we have created this guide to help you find the right fit of underwear for your body.

Why Wool Undies?

Wundies or Wool Undies. Our 100% Merino underwear is made with our specially developed lightweight, easy-care, 100% Merino wool jersey fabric - Merino Knit. Merino is naturally elastic and with our special knitting it gives the fabric great stretch to move with your body without the need for added synthetic fabrics. This makes our underwear unique to other Merino underwear in the market and this is why our customers love the feel of our Wundies

There's a lot to think about when buying knickers. Too big they fall down & spoil the outline of an outfit with excess fabric. Too small you get muffin top and bulge in all manner of places. But when you get it right you’ll look and feel amazing.  

Women's Merino Full BriefWomen's Merino Hi Cut BriefWomen's Merino Hipster Brief

Now let's find the best style for you! We have basic cuts - FULL, HICUT & HIPSTER. 

Full Briefs (sometimes called granny pants) these are exactly what they say they are. They cover everything from high waist to low cut on the legs. They are good for minimising your tummy. High-Cut Briefs are cut high on the legs. They are great for creating curves and making your legs look longer. Hipster Briefs are lower cut and the waistband sits on the hips, a couple of inches below the waist, and have a low-cut leg line

Merino Full Brief

FULL - have wider sides and a lower leg with a high waist to provide full coverage of the tummy, hips and buttocks. Full Brief Merino Underwear are great for everyday wear. Available in sizes Small (8-10) through to 3XL (28-30).

Women's Merino Full BriefWomen's Merino Full BriefWomen's Merino Full BriefClassic Merino Boyleg Brief
#692  Classic Full Brief - Soft, Scalloped Edge Elastic
#692L Lace Full Brief - Scalloped Edge Elastic & Front Lace Panel 
#692P Panel Full Brief - Covered rubber, Side Seam & Double Front Panel
#696 Classic Boyleg - Covered 15mm elastic on a high waist & no leg elastic - good tummy and bottom coverage, and wide sides.

Merino Hi-Cut Brief

HICUT - slightly narrower sides, a higher cut leg line at the front of the thigh and mid-waist height with good coverage of your tummy, hips and bottom. Great if you have a bit of a tummy but don't like a really high waist line or low leg. 

The Classic Merino Hi-Cut Brief is one of the first styles we made in 1998 and also one of the most comfortable with good coverage of the tummy and a high leg for extra movement. These natural undies are great for everyday wear and are really comfortable for work, travel and play!

Available in sizes Small (8-10) through to XL (20-22).


Merino Classic Hi-Cut BriefsWomen's Merino Hipster Lace BriefWomen's Boudoir Bried Women's Merino Sports Briefs

#691 Classic Hicut - Scalloped Edge Elastic

#691L Hicut Lace - Scalloped Edge Elastic & Front Lace Panel

#632 Boudoir Brief - Scalloped Edge Elastic & 18cm Wide Lace Sides

#697 Sports Brief - 32mm Wundies Elastic & self fabric bound legs

 100% Merino Panel Hi-Cut

NEW #691P Panel Hi-Cut Brief - covered 9.5mm rubber on the waist and legs

The Merino Panel Hi-Cut Brief. Our newest style in our women's undies with a 2 layer front panel for firm support of the tummy and no side seams. The panel brief is designed with the seams toward the front of the brief so there is no rubbing on the sides. The waist and legs have an all natural rubber elastic encased in the 100% Merino fabric. These natural undies are great for everyday wear and are really comfortable and can be worn as swimwear or underwear!

 Available in sizes Small (8-10) through to L (16-18).

Merino Hipster Briefs

HIPSTER - sit lower on the hips and great if you don't have a tummy and like a lower slung brief Available in sizes XSmall (4-6) through to L (16-18).

Merino Bikini Hipster BriefsMerino Hipster Briefs WundiesMerino Hipster Briefs BoudoirMerino Hipster Boyleg Briefs

#695 Classic Hipsters - Covered 9.5mm rubber on the waist and legs

#695E Wundies Hipsters - 32mm Wundies Elastic & self fabric bound legs

#630 Boudoir Hipster Briefs - Scalloped Edge Elastic & 7cm Side Lace

#698 Hipster Boyleg - 32mm Wundies waist elastic  & no leg elastic - sits lower on the hips and a little cheekier coverage over the bottom. Wide Sides

Merino Long Legs

 Available in sizes Small (8-10) through to 3XL (28-30).

Women's Bike PantsWomen's three quarter pantsWomen's Merino Long Pants 

#699 Bike Pant - Covered 15mm waist elastic and long leg - wear as under wear to stop chaffing or great as activewear

#310s 3/4 Pants - Three Quarter length leggings with Gusset - wear as underwear

#311 Full Length Pants- Full Length Leggings with Gusset - wear as underwear

Underwear is defined as clothing that is worn next to the skin and under other clothing. Although both lingerie and underwear are usually worn under clothes they serve very different purposes. 'Underwear' implies a very functional benefit and can be anything from your grandmother's briefs to long-johns!!

Different Names for Underwear: Wundies, Undies, Underpants, Lingerie, Panties, Knickers, Smalls, Intimates, Underthings, Unmentionables, Frillies, Bloomers, Drawers, Scanties, Pantaloons, Briefs, Thongs, Hipsters. Boylegs, Grundies, Passion Killers, G-Strings, Thongs.

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