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Textile Beat - Find your purpose

Jane Milburn chatted to Kerrie for her ARISING from Disruption series. Jane's series is in response to the deferment of her Winston Churchill Fellowship study tour and includes interviews from various "makers, creators and entrepreneurial people who are adapting, being resourceful and self-sufficient at this time of global crisis".

See Jane and Kerrie's chat below and to see the full series visit Jane's website Textile Beat https://textilebeat.com/



  • Just saw you on Landline. How can we buy the scarf and purple cardigan you were wearing? THanks Marilyn

    Marilyn GIBSON
  • Hi Doffy,
    We are a family owned, 100% Australian Company. All our fabrics are knitted & dyed in Melbourne and garment production in our factory is in Brisbane. Please click on “Our Story” to find out more!

    Kerrie Richards
  • My aim is to try my best to only buy Australian made goods from Australian owned companies
    Where are your basic materials made.? Is there any aspect of you company that is owned by overseas interests?
    Loved the interview,
    Doffy White

    Doffy White

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