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Article: Why you should wear Merino for Activewear

Why you should wear Merino for Activewear

Merino is a versatile, natural fibre that is perfect for sports and activewear. Gone are the days where wool meant thick itchy knitted sweaters! The natural properties of wool make this unlikely natural fibre actually really great for wearing in the heat or when working out. Our lightweight jersey knit Merino fabric has been designed and developed to be light, soft and with a silky finish. There are so many amazing properties of Merino wool to suit a wide range of sports and adventures.

Merino is thermoregulating 

This means Merino keeps you warm when it is cold and keeps you cool when it's hot! That's right- Merino wool lets our body breathe & insulates, keeping us dry when we sweat as well!

Merino Running Clothes

Merino Reduces Body Odour 

Merino is naturally anti-microbial, keeps you fresh and comfortable longer - reducing body odour, chaffing & fungal infections. Our Merino underwear makes the perfect base layer under your activewear as it stops chaffing at the source and keeps you comfortable and drier for longer. The anti-microbial properties of Merino also mean it doesn't stink! You can wear your Merino more often between washes saving time and our planet! It's a win win and you won't be repelling anyone with your workout smell.

Merino Activewear

Merino Moves with Your Body

Wool is naturally elastic and moves in harmony with your body giving you freedom to move. It retains it's shape with no stretching or bagging! Because wool moves with your body the fabric won't rub against your body causing discomfort.

Sun Protection

Wool is naturally UV protectant! Sheep spend a great deal of time out in the sun and their wool creates an amazing sun protecting barrier! Now we can also benefit with our Merino having a sun protection factor of SPF50+, which is equal to the leading sun protection clothing specifically designed for use in Australia.

Merino Activewear

Quick Drying

Our lightweight Merino is quick drying! This makes it excellent for water sports and high impact sport! The body sweats naturally which is why Merino is perfect for wicking moisture away from the body. Merino then dries quickly meaning you won't be sitting in wet clothing. Wear our lightweight underwear as swimwear for a comfy, non-see through option that is 100% natural! No more uncomfortable synthetic swimmers for us thank you!

Once you try it you won't go back! Give Merino activewear a go and feel the amazing difference. Nothing beats natural, Australian made Merino Activewear.




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