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Stay Warm & Healthy in Merino... Naturally!

The Natural properties of 100% Australian Merino keeps you super warm without overheating. Merino acts like insulation, keeping your body at an optimum temperature so you're comfortable indoors and outside! We've made up Thermal Packs including long sleeve t's and longjohns, from our 275gsm Heavyweight fabric for men, women and kids. Alternatively, mix and match different styles to suit your lifestyle. 
We wear Merino Wool garments for the same reason sheep grow it... to protect us from the elements. Each minute fibre is made from interlocking proteins called keratins - the same proteins that act as a protective outer layer on our own skin. This gives wool the unique ability to work like a second skin - in total harmony with our own body's protection mechanism. 
The single most important function of any "next to skin" layer is to assist the body in its natural heating and cooling process. This natural process is called Thermoregulation (temperature control and evaporation of moisture). According to studies conducted by Professor Herfried Pessenhofer, Physiological Institure of Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria, "no other fibre in the world supports natural body thermoregulation better then wool".
Wool is naturally elastic and moves in harmony with your body giving your freedom to move making it ideal to wear as thermals underneath your clothing. It retains it's shape with no stretching or bagging and feels great to travel, work, play and sleep in!
Naturally anti-microbial, Merino Wool keeps you fresh & comfortable longer meaning that you can wear your thermals for days with out washing them with no smell!! When you need to wash them just pop them in the washing machine and either dry them on the line or in a tumble drier on low heat!

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