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How to find the best Men's underwear style for you

Men's underwear that is comfy, looks great, and keeps you cool and dry? We've got you covered! Finding the right fit and style can take time and lots of experimenting until you find the right one which can start to get tiring if you have to keep buying new ones to try out. We've created this guide to help you choose the style best for you and how to find the right size through a computer screen!

How to Find the Right Size Men's Underwear 

Our sizing is designed for Australian Bodies and is a little more generous than garments made overseas. Please be aware of this in Men's underwear. For Example: If you buy a 2XL in your "overseas" undies you are more than likely an XL in our Wundies! So how can you find the correct size? We have a size guide below so you can choose the right size underwear.

Men's Underwear sizing guide

Size XS L   XL  2XL 3XL
Pants Size 24-26 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50
Waist cm 65-70 75-80 85-90 95-100 105-110 115-120 125-130


1. Find your best fitting pants and look at the pants size and compare to our pants size above.

2. Using a tape measure place it around your natural waistline for your size in cm. If you do not have a dress makers (flexible plastic) tape measure just use a piece of string and fit around your waist and then measure the piece of tape with a ruler. (some have been known to use a builders retractable tape measure!!)

These measurements are a guide only so if in doubt please call us on 1800 606 969 or email us and we will help you to get your sizing right!

If you fall between sizes, think about how you like your undies to fit. If you like a tight and snug fit go down a size, or if a little bit loose go up a size.

#801 Men's Classic Brief

Men's Classic Brief Underwear

Our classic men's brief and our most popular style. This style is great for those that like support and no fabric around the legs. The Classic Briefs have great coverage behind and a double layer pouch on the front inner section. They have covered elastic waist so you only have soft merino wool against the skin and encased rubber around the legs for durability. Great to wear under jeans, workwear, and dress pants. We even have customers use them as budgie smugglers for swimming!

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#802 Wundies Brief with Fly

100% Merino Wundies Briefs with Fly

Our Wundies Merino Brief with fly is a great option for those that like a front opening fly. Briefs are great for those that like a little more movement in the legs so they are ideal for busy people on the go. 100% Merino is breathable and moisture wicking so no chaffing and it doesn't retain odour. Our Wundies briefs have a soft Wundies elastic for comfort and self fabric bind around the legs. Great to wear under jeans, workwear and dress pants.

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#803 Classic Loose Boxer

mens merino boxers

The Classic Loose Boxer Short have a soft, covered elastic with a loose leg for comfort and with no fly there's no chance of accidently "falling out" and can be worn as shorts. Great for everyday wear or perfect for sleeping in - they move with you... Naturally!

Shop Classic Loose Boxer Shorts

#804 Classic Fitted Boxer

Men's Merino Boxer Underwear

This classic fitted boxer is great for those that like support at the front and around the legs. The fitted boxers are a trunk style with double fabric pouch at the front for extra support where it's needed most. This style has coverstitch legs for good circulation to your legs. This is a firm fitting underwear that will keep you dry and cool and are great for under jeans, workwear, dress pants and activewear. 

Shop Classic Fitted Boxer

#805 Wundies Fitted Boxer with Fly

Merino Fitted Boxer with Fly

 The Wundies Fitted Boxer with fly has all the benefits as our Classic Fitted Boxer but with the added fly at the front! Great for those that like fly front openings and need support on the front and on the legs. They have a soft Wundies elastic for comfort and coverstitch legs for good circulation to your legs. 

 Shop Fitted Boxer with Fly

#807 Lowrise Fitted Boxer


men's fitted hipster boxers

 The Lowrise Fitted Boxer has a fly at the front and sits on the hips rather than the waist! Great for those that like fly front openings and want a low sitting underwear with shorter legs. A popular style among young adults and teenagers. They have a soft Wundies elastic for comfort and coverstitch legs for good circulation to your legs. Great to wear under jeans, dress pants, workwear and activewear.

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