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Article: RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine | Back to Basics

RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine | Back to Basics

 Merino Country has been challenging stereotypes of wool products for 30 years and RM Williams OUTBACK MAGAZINE went back to the beginning to get an understanding of where Merino Country began.

Read the article by Ryan Butta or go for a deeper insight and Listen to the Podcast by Associate Editor, Terri Cowley 

Back to Basics RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine


 Kerrie Richards and Malcolm Pain Merino Country

Kerrie Richards & Malcom Pain in their Merino Country Factory Showroom. Photo by David Kelly

As a follow up to the printed story, Terri Cowley, Associate Editor of RM Williams, OUTBACK Magazine recently chatted with founder of Merino Country, Kerrie Richards, about how Merino Country started and the roller coaster ride of the last 30 years in business. In this podcast, Terri asks questions that draw out memories that Kerrie had forgotten - she's really nailed it! 

RM Williams Outback podcast

Click here to listen to the full interview with Terri Cowley, RM Williams OUTBACK PODCAST with Kerrie Richards

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