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Behind the Seams | Faye

Today we head behind the seams to meet the fantastic Faye! So grab yourself a cuppa, sit back, and get to know more about one of the people who make your 100% Australian Merino Clothing, Underwear and Accessories.

Faye -Merino Country Machinist

Faye joining the seams on our latest new colour in Short Swing Jackets

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your career as a Sewing Machinist:

I started working as a sewing machinist in the 70’s learning on the job. I didn’t want to go to school anymore and my dad said “ If you don’t go to school, you have to go to work”.

My first job and where I learnt the trade as a sewing machinist, was at Highway Fashions under the Story Bridge in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. I have worked as a sewing machinist ever since for various companies including Stubbies and LWR (Canterbury Clothing). 

When I first started my wage was $11.90 per week as an apprentice and out of that I had to bank some and also pay for my board! In those days because we started on the one type of machine making the one type of garment and that's all we really did as there were so many people employed and so many companies manufacturing locally.

My specialty is on the overlocking machines and I started working with Merino Country making Merino thermals for the Australian Defence Force.  Whilst I still do a lot of the overlocking at Merino Country it's on a real variety of garments and I help make everything in Merino Wool Undies (Wundies) to t-shirts and so much more.

Kym and Faye - Merino Country Machinist

Faye watching Kym sew a tiny facemask onto a square for the ABC Queensland Quarantine Quilt depicting life during lockdown.

Whilst I've seen so many different things over my career & had many experiences in the workplace,  2020 and 2021 were very different years!  While so many others were in lockdown during Covid we were busier then ever at work making masks and other items and we were in our own little bubble with the Merino Country "family"

Merino Country Staff

Faye at the back with her handsome Emu. A great day with some of the Merino Country Staff using other creative talents at a Sandy McLean workshop

We've got a great team at Merino Country and even though I could have retired by now I enjoy coming to work for the company, friendship and laughter! 

My favourite Merino Country piece is the Short Swing Jacket as it is easy to wear and keeps me warm with the Merino Leggings

Owner of Merino Country, Kerrie says "Faye is really one of the backbones of our production being highly skilled, dependable, always happy with a big smile & ready to give anything a go! We're so lucky to have her work with us".

CLICK HERE to see Faye sewing


Faye likes a joke and so do a few others - here's a cheeky gift Jane gave her!


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  • Enjoyed reading Faye’s story.
    I am very glad to own some Merino Country items in my wardrobe. Thank you – so great that everything is made right here in Qld

    Clair Tieppi

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