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Samantha Wan Mask Review- Wool Lover

Wool For Everyday by Samantha Wan

Wool enthusiast and slow fashion advocate, Samantha Wan, has a great blog called Wool For Everyday. Samantha provides resources about wool and reviews wool products. We were surprised to find that Samantha had purchased and reviewed our reusable Face Mask! If you are looking for an honest customer opinion and review this blog post by Samantha goes into detail with her experience with our 100% Merino Face Mask.

Merino Face Mask Reviewer

The fabric is soft, and the cut fits comfortably as a barrier while still being able to breathe without hassle. The masks are reversible with one side Black so my selection for myself and Mr. B was one each in Orange, Red, Blue and Pink. - Samantha Wan

Samantha is based in Victoria where face mask wearing is mandatory so she has found some easy hacks for wearing our face masks comfortably without any slipping down of the straps as well as a handy trick to storing the mask after use to avoid any contamination. Head to Samantha's blog to read the full review and see all her tips.

I have first being putting my hair into a pony-tail so it stops the top strap slipping. Mr B. opts for a smooth scalp but has had no problems with the ties moving and has also worn with a beanie over the top. We have been tying the straps into a bow for easy removal later and have not had the straps slip.- Samantha Wan

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