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A Surprise Appearance on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" 2024

Australian Merino Takes on the African Jungle

It's that time of the year again when the excitement of reality TV reaches its peak with Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here".  This year's edition, set in the African jungle, is full of  thrills, challenges, and a star-studded cast. But amidst the drama and antics, there was a surprise appearance of a familiar brand – our very own 100% Australian Merino thermals!


Callum  definetely knows how to rock our Skivvys'

One of our customers, Lauren, is a stylist & had tried our Merino out and chose us to supply thermals to the TV show! She told Merino Country that "I placed a large order of your thermals at the end of last year and need to buy another lot of thermals for a new TV show I'm working on - yours are the best colour ways and quality on the market".

For those unfamiliar, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" is a popular reality TV show where celebrities are placed in a jungle camp, facing various challenges and tasks to win food and luxuries. This year, the cast boasts an impressive lineup of famous names, including fitness guru Michelle Bridges, Malcom in the Middle star Frankie Muniz, Stephen K Amos an internationally know British comedian, reality TV stars Callum Hole and Skye Weatleyballroom dancer Tristan MacManus, and ironwoman Candice Warner, to name a few.

Mich Bridges  "Did someone say Aerobics Style workout?

Why Merino is Perfect for the Jungle

What a surprise it was to see our 100% Australian Merino thermals featured on the show! We knew that a TV show was using our products we just didn't know which one or what for - so it was pretty exciting to hear from their stylist that we were "on TV" in Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here". 

As the celebrities braved the African jungle, they were outfitted with our Merino products to ensure they stayed warm and comfortable in the unpredictable weather conditions.

Among the items provided were our versatile unisex leggings, Long Sleeve Raglan T-shirts, cozy  Turtle Neck Skivvies (as worn by Callum), and Long Sleeve Crew T-shirts – all in vibrant Chilli Red! The group of celebrities could be seen wearing our red leggings and long sleeve tops during Michelle's 80's style areobics workout and if you watched carefully you'd see them wearing our gear at different times throughout the series (ours are the deeper darker red - mainly long sleeves & leggings)!

Frankie Munz in our Red Leggings (probably a size too big though!)

Michelle Bridges wearing our Merino Long sleeve T under a cotton t-shirt

Merino wool's presence on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" is no coincidence – it's the ideal choice for unpredictable & extreme climates like the African jungle.

Owner of Merino Country, Kerrie says "I knew our products had been trialled over a period of time for a TV show but didn't know which channel, show or what they were being used for. I was just told that we had the best colours and quality. So it was a real surprise when we were told who and why they were wearing our Australian Merino gear!"

Merino wool's suitability for the African jungle's fluctuating conditions lies in its remarkable natural properties. In the face of scorching heat and humidity, Merino's breathability ensures that moisture is wicked away from the skin, keeping the celebrities cool and dry.

Conversely, when the temperature drops during the chilly nights or strong winds blow through the dense foliage, Merino's insulating capabilities come to the fore, trapping body heat and providing much-needed warmth and you can see the celebs wearing our thermals as pyjamas as well!

This unique combination of breathability and insulation makes Merino the ultimate choice for unpredictable climates like the African jungle, where the weather can change dramatically from one moment to the next.

As the drama unfolds and the celebrities navigate their way through the jungle, we've been watching to see how the celebs wear our gear and it's pretty exciting to get a glimpse of them in action with our gear helping the stars stay cozy and stylish amidst their adventures. Here's to Australian Merino wool, the unsung hero of the jungle!

We'll see if we can find out how long Frankie wore his Merino gear without washing!!


Watch Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here". for the latest news from the Jungle!

10play.com.au/im-a-celebrity-get-me-out-of-here  is an ITV Studio Australia production for Network 10.

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