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Article: The Best Thermals For You

The Best Thermals For You

Every body is different, as is the use of the thermals and where you're wearing them. With a few handy hints we'll help you get the right fabric, styles and fit when wearing your wool down under!. 

The natural properties of Merino provides you with health benefits and also comfort advantages over other fibres.  Our thermals are 100% Australian Merino and stretches and moves with your body - it thermoregulates your body, keeping you dry when you sweat, cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold - perfect for thermals! Wool is naturally fire resistant, it breathes and insulates. Designed for comfort whilst at work or play, it is ideal for wear all year round and can be worn in all climates from the temperate zones to the steamy tropics.

We've put together a list of what to think about when shopping for thermals. 

The Use

Will you be wearing them just inside or just for outdoor use - or going between both? A lighter weight for indoors and a heavier weight for braving the elements will do the trick.  Do you need to keep your chest and back warm or your whole body? Just a camisole, singlet or t-shirt will do the job for the upper body and if you need the whole body go for thermal top and bottoms, beanie and socks!!

The Fabric

Merino Fabric

Choosing the right fabric will mean you will feel more comfortable especially if you are wearing your thermals under many layers. When comparing Merino thermals you need to look at the fabric weights - GSM means Grams per Square Metre and the construction eg. Single Knit Jersey (lighter knit) or a Double Knit Jersey (slightly looser & heavier knit) - understanding these helps to compare apples with apples!

Our thermals come in either a lightweight 175gsm 100% Merino Single Knit Jersey and a heavyweight 275gsm 100% Merino Double Knit  (interlock) Jersey. 

Fabrics come in different weights and construction types - our fabrics are jersey knits which means they have natural stretch & elasticity meaning that our clothing and underwear moves in harmony with your body... Naturally!

The difference between the lightweight 175gsm (Single Knit Jersey) and heavyweight 275gsm (Interlock Jersey) is that the Lightweight 175gsmSingle Knit Jersey is knitted with one set of needles, where as the Heavyweight 275gsm Interlock Jersey is knitted with two. The heavyweight interlock jersey is thicker, stretchier and warmer than the lightweight jersey which has a much tighter, closer knit.

For snow, cold adventures and Winter - our 275gsm heavyweight garments are best. The extra weight of these thermals means more heat is kept inside while the natural properties allow your body to breathe naturally so you sweat less and avoid chafe. Some of the heavyweight styles include Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Leggings and Zip Tops.

For adventures where the temperature is changing often throughout the day eg. cold in the morning, hot during the day and cooler in the evening - you may find the 175gsm lightweight ideal. The lightweight means you can layer them without the bulkiness and won't overheat. Some of the lightweight styles include Singlets, T-Shirts, Bike Pants and Leggings.

The Fit

Thermals for the whole family

 Thermals for the whole family... Naturally!

The fit of your thermals helps to control the heat against your body. The tighter your thermals are the more warmth is kept against your body. If you are only needing a light to medium warmth a looser fitting thermal set would suit. 

Merino thermals for men

Glenn wears our heavy weight thermal set.

Kids Thermals

 Hannah wears our kid's heavy weight thermal set with our lightweight beanie.

 T-shirt thermals

The Panel T-shirt makes a great sports thermal under snow gear. This panel tee won't constrict movement and will keep you warm and dry inside.



This information has helped me decide what I’m going to purchase for my overseas trip. So good they are Australian made and owned.


This is information was very helpful as I’m travelling overseas where I wasn’t sure what I’d need. Have purchased these products before and I intend to purchase more for my overseas trip. After all they are Australian owned and made. Excellent. Staff are very helpful as well.

Wendy Thomas

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