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Unveiling Woolmark's Innovative Campaign: Filter by Fabric

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, staying connected with the latest trends and innovations is important. Woolmark's newest campaign,  "Filter by Fabric" advocates for an immediate change to product naming conventions, helping empower consumers to make more informed purchases.

We take a look into the details of Woolmark's new campaign, exploring how it's redefining the way we think about fabric selection and sustainable fashion as well as how we as a slow clothing brand have a responsibility to our customers.

Long time model for Merino Country, Melissa Bennett, holds rolls of our beautiful Australian Merino Fabric

A Shift in Fashion

The fashion industry is no stranger to trends, but the most significant shift in recent years has been towards sustainability and conscious consumerism. As consumers become more aware of the environmental and ethical implications of their choices, they are seeking transparency and authenticity from brands. Woolmark's "Filter by Fabric" campaign aligns perfectly with this changing landscape by offering a unique perspective that goes beyond how a garment is made and looks at the fabric selection.

Breaking Down "Filter by Fabric"

At its core, "Filter by Fabric" is a pledge from brands to help consumers to make informed choices when it comes to fashion. It does so by having brands include what fabric the garment is made from in the product name and also by incorporating a filter on their websites that can allow consumers to search by fabric. Here's how it works:

  1. Transparency and Traceability: Woolmark has gathered various fashion brands to sign the pledge. The list of brands who have signed the pledge can be found on the Woolmark website. 

  2. Fabric Details: Brands are encouraged to include accurate descriptions on their websites about the fabrics. Brands are also encouraged to include in the product name what the item is made from. We have always included the word "Merino" into our product names and have always made it clear that first and foremost people know that our products are made from Australian Merino.

Kerrie Richards Merino Country CEO
Merino Advocate & Expert, Kerrie Richards, CEO of Merino Country Australia
Owner of Merino Country, Kerrie Richards, is thrilled by this campaign as it is getting consumers to actually look further then the colour and style of a garment. She says that "When shopping for clothing, after my initial attraction to either the style or colour of a garment, the first thing I do is feel the garment to see if it is a natural fibre and then I check the label for the fibre content (which is compulsory in Australia) & if it isn't a natural fibre I don't buy it. If the label isn't in the neck it will be sewn into a side seam usually near the hem and will also show where the garment is made".

The Power of Informed Choices

Woolmark's "Filter by Fabric" campaign acknowledges that consumers are more than just passive buyers; they are decision-makers. A significant part of Woolmark's campaign centers around wool, and for a good reason. Merino wool is a natural, biodegradable, and renewable fiber known for its exceptional quality and sustainability. It's a favorite among fashion designers and conscious consumers alike. With "Filter by Fabric," Woolmark is making it easier for individuals to discover and embrace the many benefits of Merino wool.

Woolmark's "Filter by Fabric" campaign represents a step forward in the fashion industry. It puts the power back into the hands of consumers, allowing them to align their fashion choices with their values. By promoting transparency, traceability, and sustainability, Woolmark not only highlights the merits of Merino wool but also sets a higher standard for the entire fashion industry. As the campaign continues to gain momentum, it's clear that "Filter by Fabric" is not just a marketing ploy but a genuine commitment to a more sustainable and responsible fashion future.

Look for Wool Campaign by Sue Maree

Sue Harries, also recently launched her LOOK FOR WOOL campaign with Merino Country products to educate people in making good choices when it comes to fashion. This campaign fits beautifully with Woolmarks' Filter by Fabric push and you can read more about Sue's work when we interviewed her about the recent launch of  "Look for Wool" at the Tasmanian Fashion Festival.

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