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Save the World Eco Expo

Brisbane Eco Expo - Karen Uhlman

Australia’s largest health and sustainability expo was on this past weekend and we were lucky enough to attend with our 100% Australian Merino Clothing. The Brisbane Eco Expo brought together like-minded people from passionate greenies, to those searching for products or information to begin their eco journey. This year the theme was "One Eco Step".

This theme encourages us to take one step towards becoming more eco instead of trying to make drastic changes all at once. After all - 1 step can make a BIG difference! With over 119 exhibitors including us, there were so many amazing businesses and initiatives to help everyone on their journey of making one eco step. 

Merino country save the world expo

We had our beautiful Merino collection with us along with our new plastic-free packaging! Our new plastic-free packing includes our offcut Merino ties to keep packs together to eliminate the use of plastic ties and bags. One eco step we have taken this year to leave a lighter footprint on our earth.

The Eco Expo had some great FREE seminars and speakers - including our very own Karen Uhlmann of Sustainable Styling. Karen showcased our beautiful Merino clothing whilst sharing styling techniques that will transform your wardrobe - Look Great, Feel Great & Do Good... Naturally! See the video here of how Karen styled pur clothing on stage - click here.

Karen even styled our scarves as a really trendy head piece. Check out that colour!

Sustainable Styling Eco Expo

On Sunday we had Sustainable consultant and creative Jane Milburn join us! Jane joined our stand with her amazing new book Slow Clothing. A very interesting and thoughtful book about slow fashion and includes techniques we can all implement as one eco step. This book is well worth the read - pick up a copy at

See some more great pictures from the 3 day event below!

Eco Expo - Merino Country

Eco Expo - Merino Country

 Merino Country Eco Expo


Photos by Merino Country and Vision Media Studio

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