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Running For Bums

Running For Bums - Jenna Brooke

Running from Tasmania to Cape York in Merino Activewear to raise awareness for Bowel Cancer - Running For Bums Jenna Brook

 Jenna Brook - Running For Bums


We are so proud to have supported Jenna Brook, @runningforbums on her quest to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer & the importance of a checkup! Jenna ran 4529km from South Cape Bay in Tasmania to the tip of Cape York in Queensland, raising almost $60,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia!

On her journey, Jenna wore our Merino clothing and underwear as her sportswear and has written up experience of running in our Merino in the bright mid-day hot sun and cold misty mornings." Jenna wrote:


"I often got asked on Running for Bums how I could be wearing long sleeves everyday, and the answer is simple - merino wool. I was so proud to wear Merino Country clothing throughout the run, which is not only made in Australia (in Brisbane to be exact), but also made from Australian grown wool.

Merino wool allows your skin to breathe, wicks away sweat, provides excellent UV protection and helps maintain a comfortable body temperature in the heat and the cool, making it far superior than any synthetic option. Also, it doesn't stink - so that's a bonus...and misty rain kinda just beads off it (until it really starts bucketing down).

I'm not one for product endorsements and to be honest these guys don't even market themselves to the running/adventure world, but their gear still fits the bill perfectly. The orange and purple zip up tops in the photos easily took the brunt of the run (at least 30 marathons each) and apart from a tiny bit of stitching on the inside of the arm fraying a bit, they look almost brand new and still don't stink.

I am honoured to have Merino Country support my team & I so emphatically during the run, and was proud to wear their Australian product from Tasmania to the Tip. PS They also made my rad running skirts. Kerrie & Mal are deadset legends

Running For Bums


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