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Article: Pack Light With Merino | Travel Sustainably

Pack Light With Merino | Travel Sustainably

If you are looking to travel light and need some help packing then we are here to help! Packing light is great for your body especially if you don't know if your destination will have elevators to help you lug your luggage up three flights of stairs. Travelling with only a light carry on is also becoming more popular with the increasing amounts of checked in luggage bags going missing or being damaged by airlines. Yep, there's a global lost luggage crisis and it shows no sign of letting up.


 It's known as luggage graveyards - the place lost luggage bags go to die. The last thing you need on your relaxing holiday is for you to be left with no clothes and toiletries! This is why we have created this guide on how to travel with everything you need right in your carry on!

Travelling with just a carry on

Travelling with a carry on bag won't just save your back, but also saves incurred costs from the airlines in case they lose your big bags. We have packed a bag for Phyll's 7 day trip. We recommend wearing your bulky or heavy shoes, some comfy pants that you don't need a belt for, your jacket and accessories. This will save room in your carry on so you can fit more.

Did you know that travelling light also can lower your environmental impact and reduces greenhouse gases. This is because the heavier your bags and cargo on a plane - the more fuel it uses.

7 Days And 1 Carry On Bag

 7 days Carry On luggage

Remember that when packing light you need to be firm and only pack what you will need. If you think you won't use the item and just want to pack it for "in case", then don't pack it! Here is what we packed for a 7 day trip.

1 pair of Comfy Pants in Jacaranda Blue for outerwear or sleeping.

1 pair of 3/4 Leggings in black as a comfy staple, for active activities or sleeping.

2 shirts - one Long Sleeve Crew T-shirt for sleeping or as a day-to-day shirt and one short sleeve for warmer weather. We chose 2 bright colours that could be alternated for different looks.

1 Crop Top as a back up or for activewear, swimwear or bra.

3 Pairs of Wundies as either underwear or pair with the crop top as swimwear

1 scarf for extra warmth and to accessorise. 

1 pair of socks

1 pair of shoes as an alternative to the ones she's wearing

Remember we are already wearing one outfit and since wool is quick drying we can wash one outfit and hang to dry and wear the next day.

How to pack light

These items all come to 1.6kg! Most airlines allow 7kg for a carry on which leaves you with 5.4kg for toiletries, your electronics and chargers and your bag weight (plus any other clothes you may wear on you!!)

Quick Tips for Packing Light

Choose the right bag. The first thing you want to get right when packing with just a carry on is the bag! Is it lightweight, do you need one with wheels or backpack straps? You want to find a bag that is as light as possible so you can add more weight to it without going over the limit.

Wear your heavy and bulky clothes on the plane. You can even layer a Merino singlet under your t-shirt and jacket! That's three clothing items for your holiday. Choosing Merino will also mean you won't overheat. Don't forget to wear you travel neck pillow and headphones - yes you'll look like THAT traveler but at the end of the day you'll be able to fit more in your bag. Don't forget our to wear our Serappe which can be worn more than a dozen ways and also makes a great blanket when needed. 

Choose the right fabrics. We just mentioned that you can layer Merino and still be comfy without overheating. This is because of the natural thermo-regulating properties of Merino fabric. This is one reason why Merino is ideal for traveling. Lightweight Merino is a quick drying fabric so you can wash regularly and re-wear the clothing item over and over again. Wash it at night, hang to dry and wear it in the morning! You won't even need to iron it! 

 Choose the right base clothing colour. At Merino Country you know we love our bright colours so you may be surprised to hear us say that you should choose black or navy basics. Plain black pants and shirts mean you can wear each piece with each other. If you want to add a pop of colour, you can accessorise with scarves or a serappe and jewelry. 

We have put together an easy tick Carry On Packing Checklist. To download the printable version click HERE.

 Carry on Packing List

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I can attest to travelling with Merino. I’ve just been caught short on a last minute weekend away. Arrived to realise I’d forgotten to pack any underpants. No bother though, just hand washed my undies each night in the sink, rolled them up with towel to get excess water out and hung to dry overnight. Come morning, they were dry and we weren’t even using aircon in the room.

Cecily Greval

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