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Article: Leg warmers – are they making a comeback?

Leg warmers – are they making a comeback?


As winter begins to hit, the coldness makes it even harder for those, like myself, that have not mastered the art of being a morning a person. This includes getting up before sunrise to exercise, which every single time without fail, requires me to psyche myself up before hitting snooze on the alarm for the 8th time in a row. Not that it wasn’t already challenging enough.

The next issue we face is what to wear! Before the sun rises if feels like mild hyperthermia if it is just tights, but then it’s way too hot for trackies!? No stress, queue Midnight Oil – “Best of Both Worlds” next on your playlist. Leg warmers are officially making a comeback and not just in Jane Fonda-and-a-heap-of-hairspray fashion.

Merino Leg Warmers

Why we started making Merino Leg Warmers

The story behind our Merino Leg Warmers are not only warming legs but warming my heart and hopefully yours too. A few years ago, a regular customer who uses a wheelchair had come to our CEO Kerrie with a problem – he was unable to find the perfect garment that was convenient, regulated his body’s temperature while staying dry, as he was about to face another Tasmanian winter. As a result, Kerrie came up with our 100% Merino Wool Leg warmers. He loved it & we've been making them ever since!

From there we designed 2 sizes of 100% Merino leg warmers that have been sent to customers all over the world. Last year we had a Bride wear our taupe leg warmers under her wedding dress to provide warmth on her legs but also for the convenience of removing them with ease from under her lovely big dress.

Merino Leg Warmers

With the effects of this past year-and-a-bit encouraging us to binge Netflix and give up on puzzles that lost one or two pieces on the way and providing A LOT of free time, majority of us were pushed to discover different sides of ourselves that we never previously had time for, whether it is creative or athletic. Deciding that online shopping was not beneficial as a hobby of mine as I like to push limits (like my bank account) and that I was borderline a hoarder, I decided to play indoor netball again twice a week! Well, I am not sure if it is due to my lack of coordination, or my inability to understand gravity, but I have never had a game where I did not trip over where I ended up with extremely bad carpet burns every single time. Try explaining that to your bootcamp and personal trainer, it’s just easier to say you’d rather not do planks. I will now forever be using leg warmers if I want to continue my professional netball career, and to benefit those around me, to prevent me from skinning my knees!

100% Merino Leg Warmers

9 Reasons why you need leg warmers in your life

8 reasons why having leg warmers in your closet for this winter will benefit you –

  1. You can pair your fave dress with your favorite pair of shoes without compromising looking cute for being warm!
  2. Add colour and depth to your outfit!
  3. Have a pair of boots that are a little too big? With some legwarmers, they’ll fit a little bit snugger.
  4. Protect your knees during those extra physical activities! Did you know that it’s advised to wear leg warmers cycling if it’s 18 degrees or lower because the speed exposes you to wind chill that causes reduced blood flow to your muscles – yikes!
  5. Switch these up and wear them as arm warmers and underlayer your shirt.
  6. They are super easy to put on and take off, which are especially great convenience in winter for people in wheelchairs, cyclists, dancers, hikers & more.
  7. It’s also great for keeping warm on the way to and from exercise classes. Keep your muscles cramp free by keeping them warm and during exercise like yoga, Zen!
  8. Channel your inner Irene Cara. Seriously, when you put them on you actually feel like you’re about to perform in front of 3 judges: one is asleep, the other is smoking a fat cigar, the other is doubting your ability but will soon realize you’re the next biggest star. The real Flashdance

Directed & Performed by Angeline who wears Merino Country Support Top, Leggings & Legwarmers with assistance from Kerrie, Mal & Tracey! (no one was harmed in any way in this production)



Love it 🐏


I love this video! So funny and realistic! 🐏


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