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Article: Taking Wool to the People | 1996

Taking Wool to the People | 1996

1996 was a very busy year covering a lot of country promoting Merino wool with other passionate Merino Wool Growers to educate people about the fabulous wool products available and their amazing properties and this often meant some incredibly creative wool promotions and parades held in so many different places.


One very memorable wool parade was a fundraiser organised by Trish Agar for the Olympic Games Uniforms held at the Drought Breaker Ball in Charleville, held in conjuction with the Charleville Ram Sale. Kerrie took a range of fabulous Merino products down to Charleville for the wool parade and ended up sitting next to Kay Cottee, the first woman to circumnavigate the world alone & who loves fabrics and made wool liners for her baby's nappy's many moons ago!

A consortium, The Australian Games Uniform Company, needed to raise a $1 million to clothe athletes and officials for the Atlanta Olympics and woolgrowers were donating bales of wool and supporting fundraising events around Australia.  

In the meantime Kerrie was still very involved with the local wool grower group, Matilda Merino looking at the whole supply chain and the opportunities to value add to their wool clip and promoting wool products around the countryside!

NORTH QUEENSLAND FIELD DAY - Promoting of the beauty & versatility of Australian Merino with the Wool Grower Group, Matilda Merino. TOWNSVILLE 1996.

North Queensland Field Days Wool Parade


Kerrie Richards was one of six finalists contesting a Rural Leadership Scholarship at Marcus Oldham College and was was chosen as a finalist for her work within the wool and agriculture sector. Announced the winner at the Westech Field Days in Barcaldine, the opportunity to participate in the 5 day rural leadership course helped enhance Kerrie's leadership skills enabling her to further contribute to the wool agricultural industry she was so passionate about. 

 Whilst the Brisbane Royal Show was hosting the infamous "Wool Parades" during Ekka time, many woolgrowers wanted city people to understand how much the wool industry contributes to so many different facets of the economy all year round and to show it's so much more than just high end fashion. 

As a volunteer, Kerrie with the support of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries with administration and a great team of other volunteers started coordinating in 1996 the “Queensland Festival of Wool” to be held in 1997.


Coming down to exhibit at the Brisbane Royal Show in August was great but Merino Country needed a bit more of a presence in Brisbane, so Kerrie opened the first Merino Country showroom in a small (very tiny!) front room of a traditional workers cottage on Arthur Terrace, Red Hill, not far from the city centre.  It was invitation only or book an appointment when Kerrie was in the big smoke as only one or two people could fit but it did the trick!

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