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Article: Inspiring Women | Samantha Wan - Wool Enthusiast

Inspiring Women | Samantha Wan - Wool Enthusiast

Samantha Wan is an Australian wool broker based in Melbourne. She is a passionate wool enthusiast & advocate partnering with Australian wool growers to maximise returns. First generation Australian-born Chinese Macanese, Sam is originally from Western Sydney (Blacktown, New South Wales) and is Dogmum to two Kelpie x Border Collies; Charlie & Bear.

Despite growing up in Sydney's western suburbs, Samantha, who now works for Elders, developed a love for wool through mentoring, experience at agricultural shows and on-farm work.

Wool for Everyday, is a wool education and wool product curation platform, the passion project of a wool industry professional. Simply put, Sam is on a mission to highlight products made from wool and that wool is the natural fibre for today’s world, every day.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to get into the Wool Industry?

I'm a wool broker who loves working with wool growers on the challenge of marketing their wool clip to the fullest potential in an ever changing market. As a first generation Australian-born kid from the suburbs who found purpose through a wool staple, keen to help open the eyes of students to the opportunities in agriculture. Fledgling blogger supporting others on their journey to wear more wool. I get joy out of harvesting backyard veggies, attempting family cantonese cooking and chasing a woolly bargain. Enjoying an overdue treechange.

Inspiration came in the form of a hatful of black Corriedales at my highschool and an inspirational agriculture teacher and evolved as I met woolgrowers at local shows and spent time on farm.

A wool broker by day, Wool For Every Day is my passion project.  It started in January 2019 to highlight products made from wool & help others on their journey to wear more wool. I love writing about my fascination with wool – and how it supports a healthy natural life!

If any, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced working in the industry?

Strong, inspirational women before me have broken through glass ceilings and kept doors open - the biggest challenge is having the courage to walk through and also to pay forward all the support I have had in my career journey to the next generation.

What is your most memorable experience in working in the wool industry?

My study tour to Italy as winner of the 2018 Thomas Elder Employee of the Year Award. 

Being far from home but with clients and experiencing new woolly things with them, visiting new places and developing better knowledge of the wool supply chain.

Samantha Wan

What keeps you motivated?

I have been fortunate to take part in opportunities I didn't know existed

Being part of an incredible Australian industry

Like minded agriculturalists and a strong support network in Action4Agriculture

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you that has helped you as a business woman?

Work smarter.

Elders Wool Sale Sam Wan wool broker

Check this fleece out!

What is your go to Merino Country item for work and/or play? 

Wundies  I’m likely preaching to the converted, but for those still wondering if I’m all there – the natural features and benefits of wool make it a perfect fabric for the needs of next to skin underwear. Wool wicks away moisture and is highly breathable. Antibacterial, it won’t help those bacterial that cause a pong. All of this being highly essential to deal with the every day living of commutes and stress.

  1. 100% Australian Merino Wool
    Already mentioned, very relevant – just the best wool for the job.
    Not a prickle in the fabric. Breathable, moisture wicking, no pong
  2. Made in Australia
    That’s right, no foreign imports here.
  3. Supporting Australian business
    In skipped along point 2….
  4. Wundies is extremely fun to say
    Wun-dees…. For Mondies, Tuesdies, Wednesdies…..
  5. The reaction from people you tell that your underwear is made from wool is priceless.
    Top notch conversation. Spare a thought to my colleagues who were totally treated to me waving around my new (unworn) underwear.

& Sam was one of the first to wear and review our Merino Facemasks back in 2020.

Sam Wan in Merino Masks with sheep dog

Samantha & Friend. 2020



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