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Behind the Seams | Kym

Our first pair of Wundies was made in 1998 by Kym Kitchener! This was before we had our own factory & Kym worked at DR Manufacturing who made our Wundies in the early days. After a break from the industry Kym came to work with us and is still making our Wundies, clothes and accessories years later. She has a wealth of knowledge, skills & a sense of humour that we greatly appreciate and has made everything from g-strings to truck tarpaulins in her career! We're proud to see Kym still working in an industry which has seen a lot of changes over the years.

Kym - Machinist at Merino Country

Picture of Kym making lace camisoles for Fashion Revolution Week.

How long have you been sewing and making and how did you start? 

I've always had am interest in sewing from a young age. After I finished school at 16 years old I was given the option of working at different places such as retail but I chose to work and get the skillset for being a sewing machinist as it was something I loved to do and still love 44 years later!

It was a lot different to now. When I first walked into the factory it was huge and there were so many machines lined up, it was daunting. This was to make bras at House of Jennings for Triumph International but like a lot of manufacturing in Australia it was moved off shore after a few years. I tried my hand at retail but it wasn't for me and I kept finding myself going back to sewing.  

How did you juggle mum life and work?

I had two kids so juggling work life, mum life and personal life was hard but you had to do it. My own mum was supportive and helped out a lot which was great. But we made sure we still got to do fun things for our selves too. I worked in the same area as the kids' school and where we lived which made things easier.  

Kym and all the Machinists at Merino Country

Some of the Merino Country team!

What is you most memorable experience of your career and what is your favourite part of it?

Making lifetime friends! I'm still friends with my first boss. Working as a machinist is a team job so you have to communicate well with each other which means you get close and make friends for life! 

My favourite part is that I LOVE my job! It is so fulfilling to make something from pieces of fabric and transform it into something beautiful and useful! Working as a machinist gets classified as a "factory job" and there is a lot of stigma around that. To me these jobs are vital and especially for fashion you need to learn a bit of every process to make a garment - not just the design part.

Kym - Machinist at Merino Country

 Wendy (Sue's Daughter), Kym  and Sue (retired from Merino Country) at Merino Country's 25th Celebration, 2018

What is your favourite Merino Country piece that you've made and worn?

I love the new Pocket Dress! I also loved the old Shrug Cardi we used to have - similar to the Lightweight Cardi. My key piece for travelling to cold climates such as Canada is the Turtle Neck Skivvy - its very warm.

And of course the Wundies

Kym Kitchener

Kym using her skills to make your clothes

What is some Life Advice you would like to share?

I tell my grandkids all the time - be honest, learn and be a leader not a follower.


  • I love these stories about your staff. All such beautiful people. Makes me appreciate even more the lovely things they have made.

  • Great article. Thank you so much to all you lovely ladies who sew the garments I love to wear. Without the usually ‘faceless’ backroom people, there wouldn’t be any product.

    Liv Cameron

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