Fashion Revolution 2021

It's Fashion Revolution Week - an initiative that has us as brands and consumers ask the question - "Who made my clothes?" As a brand that believes in the ethical making of garments we like to work with small family run businesses that we know and trust.

Our Merino fibre is grown locally by Australian Farmers who have the welfare of their sheep at heart and we choose to use wool from Un-Mulesed Sheep. Our fabrics and garments are made in Australia creating jobs, supporting local businesses and communities. Our factory is open to the public in Brisbane and if you're in the area, you're more than welcome to come and have a look behind the seams.

Fashion revolution 2021 who made my clothes

This year the campaign is looking at "Who made your fabric" and we can proudly say - WE DID! Our 100% Merino is unique to us as we developed a special knit that is 100% Merino, is strong, soft and easy care.

We start with choosing the raw product and know exactly which farm in Australia it has come from and what we are getting before it is even turned into yarn. The quality and specifications of the raw wool makes a big difference to the end product.

Our fabric is knitted to our unique specifications right here in Australia by our fabulous knitters in Melbourne who we have been working with for many - their knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

Locally made Merino Fabric

Our Australian Knitter - Circular Knitting Machines for our Merino Jersey Fabric. 

Once our fabric is knitted to our specifications it goes to another family run business in Melbourne to be dyed & finished. This is a very important part of the process as different dying and finishing processes can change the whole feel and performance of the fabric. Our dyehouse has perfected our specifications & requirements over the years to get a unique finish that optimises the performance of our fabric and makes our fabric right for our products, in particular our WUNDIES!  

Dyehouse fabric dying

Our Australian Dyehouse - dyeing our Merino Knit Jersey.



  • Hi Kerrie, We’ve got heaps of your products and I’ve just sent gifts to my nephew who now has 3 of your shirts and just loves them and will end up with a lot more of your products. Your should be aware of much your customers appreciate you and your Merino! I placed three different orders to go to three different addresses and all parcels received and accounted for. I’m always amazed at how quick they are to arrive. I’m thrilled to the gills with all of them. Thankyou. Bourkie

  • I just love the feel of the fabric. You just wouldn’t think it was Merino wool. My hubby is very happy with “Wundies”
    Thank you


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