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Celebrating "Making Things" Locally

Manufacturing in Queensland Month is a new event in September that showcases the strength and diversity of the manufacturing sector in Sunny Queensland. This month-long celebration highlights the importance of manufacturing to Queensland's economy and its role in providing local jobs, driving innovation, and contributing to the community.

We were thrilled to be recently a part of this fantastic initiative, joining 25 other local manufacturers in exhibiting at the Queensland Manufacturing Month Showcase night at Parliament House, Brisbane organised by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing & Water

Merino Country was represented by our CEO, Kerrie Richards and 3 of our sewing machinists Kym, Shannon and Gemma, who all wore custom made “Made by Me” Merino tees celebrating that we "make things" locally in Queensland! 

women in manufacturing

Women in Manufacturing Kerrie, Gemma, Kym & Shannon with our 100% Australian Merino WUNDIES and clothing alongside raw and processed wool showing the different stages of the process from start to finish.

It was a great opportunity to showcase our finished products & commitment to producing high quality, sustainable Merino products to other Queensland manufacturers, invited guests, members of parliament and government employees. 

We thought it important that some of our ladies who actually sew and produce our clothing and underwear locally were able to talk about not only the highs but also the challenges we face as a small business manufacturing locally, in particular, training skilled industrial sewing machinists. It was good for government representatives to actually speak to the people who are on the machines and get their perspective on manufacturing locally - let's hope we get heard!

Manufacturing Queensland Makers

Some of our "makers of things" - Kym, Gemma & Shannon!


 Shannon printed "Made by Me" and "Made in Queensland... Naturally!" on our Merino T-Shirts which we also made!

We joined 25 other manufacturers who make things from boats, ice cream, records & fabrics to chocolates, lab testing equipment and so much more including Aim Lab Automations, Elexon Electronics, Packer Leather, Suitcase Records, Frosty Boy Soft Serve Ice cream, Kandy Couture Chocolates, Ozkleen and there was even a 3D printer making Queensland shaped earrings.

Queensland Manufacturers

Queensland Manufacturers

Manufacturing in Queensland Month is more than just a celebration; it's an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the manufacturing sector to the local economy and the people that actually "make things"!

Did you know manufacturing contributes almost $20 billion to our state’s economy every year! Across Queensland, countless individuals and families rely on the manufacturing sector for their livelihoods. By supporting local manufacturing, we help in the contribution to sustain these jobs, ensuring that our communities thrive.

Merino Country adding the fun at Queensland Parliament House 

"Manufacturing in Queensland Month" is a vital initiative that highlights the importance of the manufacturing sector in the state's economy. It provides a platform for local businesses to shine, foster innovation, and promotes collaboration. Celebrating 30 years manufacturing locally, Merino Country is proud to be acknowledged for our committment to producing high-quality, sustainable Merino wool clothing & underwear that represents the spirit of Queensland's manufacturing excellence.

Kerrie with Evangaline from Technical Fabric Services and with local MP, Mark Furner, Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Communities.

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