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Merino Country on Australia All Over with Macca

Kerrie Richards of Merino Country spoke with Ian McNamara (Macca) on ABC's Australia All Over about our Merino Masks and being able to produce them locally right here in Australia.

Listen to Kerrie's conversation with Ian McNamara below:

 Audio belongs to ABC On Australia All Over with Ian McNamara

Listen to Australia All Over segment HERE

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  • Kerry it was great to hear the interview with Macca. I remember well when you first started the business and Conrad & I approached you with our hand woven and knitted goods. You have come along way – Congratulations. Conrad is no longer with us having passed away 2 1/2 years ago. Weaving almost to the end.
    I wish you continued success.
    Mary Cooper-Persson

    Mary Cooper-Persson

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