Supporting the School of the Air


This year we are proud to be joining the RNA (The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland) in supporting the Western Alliance with funds from the fourth annual EKKA RNA Charity Fundraiser. Along with a host of other local businesses, the fundraiser will be raising funds to go directly to the Western Alliance and their rural students of Western Queensland. 

The Western Alliance is made up of the three Western Queensland Schools of Education, Mount Isa, Longreach and Charleville. The Western Alliance helps combine the resources to provide their students with quality learning tools, resources and events to help with their education. 

We are very proud to be supporting our rural students who will one day be our future leaders. We truly appreciate the work they are doing for students who can't make it to schools due to distance. Our family is very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Mt Isa Distance Education school while we lived in Outback Queensland.

Contact us to see how you can also help with raising funds and donating to the Western Union and click here to read more about the work that they do for their students.