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Yak Scarf
Yak Scarf

Yak Scarf

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Yak Down Scarves from Mongolia

This beautiful Yak Down scarf is short in length and tucks into itself - perfect for keeping your neck warm without the bulk.

We've just been in Mongolia and discovered this amazing natural fibre - YAK DOWN - it's light weight. breathes and is very warm. It's very similiar to Cashmere and very complimentary to our beautiful merino products. We not only visited the factory in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, but also travelled up to the North of Mongolia and visited Herders - an amazing experience.

The company we are working with are very similiar to ours in a lot of respects - a small family business who work with the supply chain from the herders through to the end products and value quality, animals and people.

Mongolian Yak Down is combed from Yaks by nomadic herdsmen after the winter thaw. Yak produce two types of fibre: coarse outer hair and a fine down that grows before the onset of winter as additional protection against the cold . The down fibre is collected by herdsmen during the spring molting season in May/June when the yaks naturally shed their winter coat. The raw fibre is collected from the Herders, sorted by colour (4 natural colours) and quality and then washed before being de-haired. De-hairing is a mechanical process that separates the course hairs from the fine down. It takes about 100kg of the original raw mass to get around 25kg of pure fine down.

Yak down is completely natural with no dyes and comes in the three basic colours that yaks themselves come in: dark and medium brown, and the light grey or platinum shade that is one hundred times more rare than cashmere. Yak down is a truly extraordinary natural fibre and is naturally:

SOFT - as soft as cashmere but is more durable

HYPO-ALLERGENIC - great for sensitive skin

WARM - is warm even when wet

BREATHABLE - helps regulate body temperature

LIGHTWEIGHT - is incredibly light but very warm