100% Merino Neck Gaitor

Keep your neck warm and comfortable with the 100% Merino Neck Gaitor.

  • Length: 45cm 
  • Lightweight & easy to stuff into your pocket
  • Pull over your head as a beanie or use as a half balaclava
  • Excellent weight to warmth ratio
  • Versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways for hot or cold climates
  • Made in Australia... Naturally!

FABRIC: 175gsm Lightweight 100% Australian Merino

175gsm Long Neck Gaitor

45cm Lightweight Neck Gaitor

Style #: 731L

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SKU 731L
Brand Merino Country

Good Versatile headpiece for summertime.

By: on 1 January 2018
As an outdoor worker I've thought to myself how nice it'd be to have an ultra lightweight neck gaitor for summer. When I saw this neck gaitor available for purchase browsing the website I jumped at the chance to purchase 2 of them in black. I've worked mainly in gardening/landscaping and bush revegetation and I've had work colleagues ask how can I wear merino wool in this heat? Ever since learning what an amazing fabric merino wool is, I've adopted the philosophy of "How nice it is to be able to wear layers underneath my high vis work since extra sun protection is always good to have". I now work as an apprentice grounds keeper for a sports club where I mow the fields there. The versatility of this headpiece has been a great boon to me knowing the different ways it can be worn. I often wear it as a hood for that extra sun protection and as a mask since it can get dusty while I am mowing. Since I am in the public eye I recently bought 2 more in taupe a lighter colour for the summer. Despite the fact that ultralight weight merino clothing can comfortably be worn in summer even in darker colours, I've had people express valid concerns to me about the wearing black neck gaitor during the summer. So I thought to myself hmmm maybe I should get a lighter colour, I am glad I did knowing the quality of the products made at Merino Country. JOSEPH, Brisbane, QLD.

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