NEW  - Merino "Witches Britches" or Bike Pants!!!

  • Thigh Length
  • Great for Yoga and Active wear!
  • Great for wear under skirts or dresses - stops chaffing
  • Wear as thermals - great for skiing or under jeans
  • Can wear as underwear with a Double Fabric Gussett in Crotch 
  • Band around leg for ease of movement & fabric stretch
  • Soft elastic Waistband for comfort

FABRIC: Lightweight 175gsm 100% Australian Merino

Mid Thigh Pants

175gsm Lightweight Merino

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These 'witches britches' are the bomb!!

By: on 16 January 2019
So, I hate summer (rubbing thighs, sweat etc) and I wear skirts and dresses to stay cool. These bike pants have just passed the test - yesterday it was 42oC here - and I have never felt so comfortable on such a hot day (zero sweat, zero pong). I am about to go online and order more - pure wool, Australian made and rubbing thighs gone - great combo. JACQUIE

Perfect-mature aged

By: on 14 December 2018
I’m matured aged and recently went on a 30 day walk. I’d cut a pair of thermals to bike short length. No chafing and did the job. Was delighted to return and see this new product. Delivered in record time and very comfortable. Good quality, length perfect, not too tight on the hemline and weigh the same as my homemade cutoffs. Will also be appropriate as pyjama pants for modesty in unisex accom. Thanks for this innovative garment and reasonable price for such a high quality garment

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