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Merino for Cancer Patients

Nurture yourself with 100% Australian Merino.. Naturally! Our Merino is loved and used by customers by not only Cancer patients but also customers with senstive skin & conditions such as eczema & dermatitis. We know you need extra comfort during difficult health times in your life which is why we have specifically designed and created a fabric that is soft next to your skin and is used by cancer patients during and after chemo treatment.

Our baa bra was designed specifically for breast cancer patients for wear during and after treatment, ideal as a mastectomy bra, the baa bra is winning fans throughout Australia. 

Benefits of merino wool ‘next to skin’ garments for cancer patients:

•    Wicks moisture away from the skin, absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture caused by sweating, a common side effect of drugs like Tamoxifen.

•    Breathes & Regulates body temperature - ideal for hot climates and sleeping in - great for night sweats!

•    Helps Stop Skin Irritations & Chaffing - ideal for sensitive skin caused by chemo + radiation 

Merino Mammary

Merino Country has developed a Merino wool temporary prosthesis ideal for everday and active wear.  Featuring a moulded cup filled with merino wool with only soft merino fabric against the skin. They provide real comfort & shape... naturally! Our Merino Mammary is availble here.  

Your Support Helps Cancer Patients

Thanks to your support, we are able to sponsor and donate to various cancer foundations and causes with the proceeds of various products. 

If you'd like to support patients with cancer you can purchase our Beanie For Brain Cancer with proceeds going towards Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Proceeds from our baa bra go to supporting Dragons Abreast - for breast cancer survivors.