INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE Unique Merino Wool 3D Stretch Runners

Here at Merino Country we love finding exciting new wool products and these NEW MERINO WOOL shoes are amazing  & we just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

Elastic & Durable This BRAND NEW 3D fabric is produced by GIESSWEIN in Austria. The unique knitting technique with high-quality merino yarn is used to mat the wool and to create the unique GIESSWEIN Merino Wool 3D Stretch. The resulting unique air chambers create a temperature-regulating experience. Cool in summer, warm in winter: Comfort redefined.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - really light & feel like you're walking on air
  • NO SWEAT. NO SMELL - don't retain moisture or odour - no need to wear socks
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL -  Naturally Healthy 
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE - Soft Inner & Outer - no need for socks
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATING - feet keep comfortable whatever the temperature
  • PERFECT FIT - 3D flexible Merino moulds to your foot - the "Ooooohhh" factor (well that's what every says when they try them!)
  • EASY CARE - Machine Washable

OUTER FIBRE:  100% Merino Wool

SOLE: Extra Light EVA Sole - only 46 grams

COLOURS & SIZES are limited - please click on the colour or size you need. If you don't see the colour or size it may not be aviable. 

SIZES & FIT:  The 3D Merino is very flexible and has a fair bit of give - below is a guide for fit.

EUR     AUS       Foot Length

36         6 / 6.5     23.0 cm

37         7 / 7.5     23.5 cm

38         8 / 8.5     24.0 cm

39         9 / 9.5     25.0 cm

40       10 / 10.5   25.5 cm

41       11 / 11.5   26.0 cm

42       12 / 12.5   26.5 cm

Kerrie from Merino Country says "I have been trialling a Hot Pink Size 39 shoe and I usually take about a size 8.5 - these were really comfy but a bit loose fit but I could wear them with or without socks easily because they're so flexible. I can also wear a size 38 - they're a much firmer fit and I wouldn't wear a sock with them. They are my "go to" comfy shoe and I wear them everyday - even for work. So I am literally dressed from top to toe in Merino!

Women's Merino Sneakers

Comfy 3D 100% Merino Runners

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As Good As New... Again!

By: on 20 March 2018
Went to an outdoor concert in the rain and mud and at this outing my poor Merino shoes stood up to the test and kept my feet relatively dry and definately warm. I'm loving them and THANKFULLY they've come back as good as new after a good wash!! Love them. JULIE

Merino Sneakers

By: on 7 December 2017
My sight unseen sneakers arrived yesterday....Oh joy! They are truly magnificent for my three quarters of a century old feet, so soft and gentle, I LOVE them! Now I want a pink pair!

So Comfy

By: on 29 November 2017
These shoes are amazing - the minute you put them on they just feel great and you don't want to take them off. I've been wearing them nearly every day for the last month and they were really comfy from the first time I put them on. They don't rub and have good support in the arch!

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