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Love my Merino Country Clothing

10 December 2017
Having spent $1000.00 on Merino Country clothing over approx the last 15 months or so, I can honestly reccomend them to everyone for comfort, ease of washing , quick drying capabilities. They are fabulous for travelling, as they roll up very small, are lightweight, layer well. The service at Merino Country is second to none. I love the fact that the fibre is grown in Australia, knitted in Australia& sewn in Australia. Kerry & co are lovely to deal with, listen to requests for more sizes and colours, etc. That said, I Really want some bras in a bigger size.

My Favourite Clothes

10 November 2017
I travelled in my Merino Country wardbrobe, Short Swing Jacket, 3/4 Tunic Top and Bootleg Pants. and after 39 hours arrived at my cousin's place; went to walk in Sheffield Park (originator of our cricket shield) - clothes and model still looking fresh!! Then presented Merino Country presents to my family!! WONDERFUL. Love Bethie


10 November 2017
Merino is the best product for travelling, we just had 12 days of rock climbing down at Mt Arapalies in south west Victoria, our merino clothing was awesome to climb in! Keep up the good work guys. Vicki


14 September 2017
Hello Kerrie, We received our order today and are so pleased with them! My son tried on his thermals and doesn't want to take them off. The shorts are really comfy and they're perfect for hiking. I think I'll have to buy a second pair before summer! Thankyou very much for the quality clothing and prompt delivery. Kind Regards, Jacquelyn.

First Class all the Way!!

13 July 2017
Hi There, I am a New Zealander who discovered your shop while on a trip to Brisbane in 2007 when I bought one of your classic black wraparound dresses which I wore until it frayed at the edges. I have continued to make small purchases since then and just this month I purchased a black cardigan and black formal pants and as always. am absolutely delighted at the quality and fit. Over all these years you continue to provide gorgeous Merino in useful styles. I am grateful for your continued existence and although a patriotic Kiwi who tries to buy NZ-Made, you come first in my book! Kind Regards IRENE


7 July 2017
My new thermals arrived yesterday which is a relief as my overnight bushwalk is on this weekend in Sydney's Blue Mountains. As soon as they arrived I washed and dried them as instructed and wore them to bed as a test run. They are very comfy and warm and I'm sure they'll do the job in the outdoors. Great product and great service from a good Aussie company. The only thing missing from your range is a NSW Origin version of your thermals. Get that going and I may get a second pair! Will be spreading the word throughout my bushwalking club! DAVID

A High Baa for Great Customer Service

26 June 2017
Hi Kerrie, Well you set the baa (bar) high for customer service and continue to meet the standard! Ordered Monday and received Wednesday - that's unheard of in Rural Victoria. (I will also give a Australia Post a note of thanks). Now I am enjoying the comfort and gorgeous colours of my new Wundies. Regards Julie-Ann

Excellent Service

26 June 2017
Hi Kerrie & Team, Picked up my parcel today - very quick. Thank you for the excellent service. Regards Jan

Great Product

19 April 2017
Just wanted to let you know that I am putting all my Merino Country products to good use in chilly Amsterdam - what a godsend they are in this weather. Many thanks to you and the team. Tina, Sunshine Coast.

Awsome Service & Products

30 March 2017
Fantastic products and your awesome service! Loved the tracking and quick delivery. Thanks! Rob

Very Happy Camper!

18 March 2017
I love all your merino wear for travelling as it doesn’t smell and you don’t have to wash it every day and it dries really quickly. Also if you get caught in the rain it dries quickly so you don’t walk around sodden all day (like cotton). I love the undies, I’m always walking so much on holidays and without going into too much detail, my undies are still fresh at the end of the day. I first bought your stuff for our trip to Spain, then the next year I bought some stuff for Norway (in Winter), but I find I use it all the time in Sydney. (Leggings were a life saver in Norway). The ¾ tunic I bought is perfect for those days where it’s not hot, not cool but might get cold at night. And I love wearing your undies to the gym because I don’t get all hot and yucky and smelly. Cecily

Womens 3XL tshirts

29 January 2017
Hi There, I recently bought a Merino Country women's t-shirt in size 3XL. I love it! It is nice to be able to find a merino tshirt that fits me well instead of having to buy mens merino tshirts. Thank you for thinking of "big girls". Vicki.

Australia - The LUCKY COUNTRY - You have WUNDIES

21 January 2017
Your parcel of 6 Red Wundies arrived today & are thoroughly welcome. Not only are the half-dozen Red Wundies welcome, but a day's wearing confirms your recommendation. Never has an intimate product given such comfort to all the points it touches and I really ought to order a few more to round off the week's wearing so a day or two in the wash don't leave me feeling something's missing in my life. It's worth crossing the globe for something Australian's probably think of as run-of-the-mill. You Lucky Country!! ROBERT, UK.

A Customer for 20 years

20 January 2017
Always remember meeting you many years ago (maybe 1997) and so pleased I did and bought your Merino gear. I thought of you earlier this week when NSW Ambulance paramedic workers complained about their issued 65% polyester uniforms making them sweat so much they had to take them off. I thought - They need Merino Country clothing badly! Your clothes are so comfortable in the hot weather. Best Wishers, Jennifer.

Warm & Toasty for a Chilly Christmas Day!!

17 December 2016
A big thanks, my brother's long johns arrived in Scotland yesterday so he will be toasty on Christmas Day! I hope you all have a wonderful break and a prosperous 2017. Cheers from a rain soaked South coast of NSW! Ann

Personal Service

9 December 2016
Thanks for your message - the gift wrapped parcel looks fab! Your personal service has been exemplary. I will certainly let all my pals know about your fabulous company! Don't work too hard and remember all work and no play makes Kerrie a very tired elf! Merry Christmas! ANN

Happy Customer

9 December 2016
Received my order with thanks, my second lot and even a personal thank you on my delivery docket! All the best for the Festive Season and Happy New Year. A Happy Customer!

Fantastic Products & Service

17 November 2016
Just received my second order from you and they are perfect. Great quality and reasonable prices. The sizing was great. The classic boyleg Wundies (from first order) are by far my most comfortable undies and I will no doubt order more. The Scoop Neck T-Shirt is a perfect fit - not too tight and I love the scoop neck line. The 3/4 pants are perfect for Tai Chi. The Baa Bra is great for those days when I just want to relax and take Tom (poodle/bichon) for a walk! Thankyou again for your great service and your helpful advice when ordering. MARGARET, WA.

Merino Country is my country!

29 October 2016
My Merino Country products have travelled with me since 2011 and they are still in very good condition. I never leave for Europe without my Wundies! Here in London, Merino Country is keeping me very warm and comfortable.

Wundies for when it's Hot & Cold....

17 October 2016
I first became aware of merino underwear in 2002 when I purchased my first Wundies for a walking trip in Peru. Since then I have worn them continually when on walking or golf tours and also when not on trips but just playing golf. My cami tops are great in the cooler months under my golf shirts keeping me warm around the chest. I also find my merino wool t-shirts really great when travelling as they are so comfortable whether the is weather is hot or cold. I always tell people I swear by my Wundies especially in our hot climate as they asbsorb the sweat but I still feel dry and do not chaffe. I thoroughly recommend wearing merino wool products whatever the temperature!! LYNNE


12 September 2016
Dear Mal, Kerrie and the Team at Merino Country, Congratulations on your magnificent and amazing achievements. As I sit here in my wool knickers (Wundies) and wool t-shirt, I can certainly feel that I am definitely part of the Merino Country team and have been for so many years. Well done to you all and keep up the good work. Tina, Twin Waters.

Great Service & Great Products

23 July 2016
Hi Kerrie, Thanks so much for sending the shirt so quickly, it arrived in time for my sons' trip to the top of the Stirling Ranges over the weekend with his best friend Sam. The adventure is to celebrate Sam getting married in two weeks!! They are adventurers who choose an overnight hike in freezing conditions and rain instead of a night on the town! I have attached some of the photos of his Lapland trip (this year) where the Wundies were "amazing" in his words! We'll be lifetime clients. Thanks Debbie. WA

Lifts the Spirit

14 July 2016
Hi Kerrie, I would just like to comment on how comfortable your clothing is. The vibrant colours make the product stand out and lift the spirit. Thankyou. SUZIE

Really Comfortable!

4 July 2016
I find your Wundies very comfortable and the zippered top is really comfortable inside my motorbike jacket. It keeps the wind out and is very snug. Shall wear it on Sunday to the Sidecar Circus mortorbike run with the Pine Rivers Chapter of the Historic Mortorcycle Club starting around 9am at the petrie Markets on Dayboro Road in Petrie. We are hoping to have upwards of 20 sidecars this year! Thankyou for making such comfortable clothes at such a reasonable price. God Bless, SUZANNE.

Life Saver!!!

2 July 2016
Oh no! No luggage for FOUR days! But at least I had my merino country jacket/dress;. I recently visited Thailand. On the plane I wore long pants, single top and my jacket. I used a wrap to get warm on the plane - threw it over my head at the airport while waiting for connecting flight. Then when we arrived at Phuket where we were without luggage. Lucky for me I was able to use my jacket as another set of clothes - even though the weather was hot and steamy. Thanks Merino Country!!!! ox ox ox I've only just returned home.

It's a long tail !

18 June 2016
Thankyou for the fabulous product ( men's singlets ). I purchased a three pack on recommendations from a neighbour . Straight home to try one on. PERFECT. It fits and feels beautiful. The best part is that it has a long tail. My job involves lots of bending and crouching and keeping the lower back covered and warm can be difficult. I think you have solved at least one of my daily dilemmas. I'm currently studying your catalogue to see what else I could enjoy. Cheers Peter

Colours to Lift the Spirit

27 May 2016
Hi Kerrie, I would just like to comment on how comfortable your clothing is. The vibrant colours make the product stand out and lift the spirit!! Thankyou. Regards Suzie

Warm as Toast

26 May 2016
Thank goodness for my Merino Country gear! I'm in damned freezing, wet and windy Hobart. Wearing 4 layers - singlet, skivvy, L/S Raglan T and Zip Top most of the time, with a waterproof jacket on top when I go out naturally, I have my Wundies and Beanie tool. If I wear a skirt, my long johns are on. LST and Long Johns doubling as PJ's! At least with wool, I only have to change my undies daily.LOL. I hope to order some more stuff soon - please make some 3XL in Taupe xxx. Warm Regards Barb PS. I picked up the singlets on Friday before we came down here, thankyou. Fantastic service. I wish more Australian companies would take a leaf from your book re service. Xxxx


3 May 2016
Love your products - keep up the good work. Thanks! IAN

I LOVE Merino Country

3 May 2016
I LOVE Merino Country - the service is impeccable and their products are far superior to other Australian competitors - I've been buying Wundies for Years!! Jean


19 February 2016
Hi Kerrie, Just wanted to say thank you for despatching my order so promptly and to congratulate you on such a wonderful product. The fit is perfect - so thanks also for your advice - I did try on similar items from a "Australian Competitor" and to be honest, the quality and fit just doesn't come close to Merino Country. I appreciate your ethical values and your customer service is second to none - thanks again. JEAN, Victoria

Wundie Lust

10 February 2016
These WUNDIE pants sound WUNDIE-ful. We WUNDIE what they're like! The sheep all WUNDIE round in them, In WUNDIE-baa delight. So WUNDIE-woolly warm and snug, And WUNDIE-fully light. We blush in WUNDIE-ment and awe, At hot pink trimmed with lace, All WUNDIE struck by what we feel Soft, woolly WUNDIE-ness. If WUNDIE pants from WUNDI Land Were ours, Oh WUNDIE luck! We'd WUNDIE round in WUNDIE-ment. And be all WUNDIE-struck! Sue, QLD

Wonder Undies

10 February 2016
Since I've never heard of Merino Sheep complaining about being hot or cold, anything made out of their fleece - like these Merino Country WONDER UNDIES - WUNDIES - must be bloody good!! MARK

New pair of WUNDIES

10 February 2016
I Love bloody Sundies. But I hate bloody Mondies. I'm not fussed about me Undies. Cos If I could front up on Mondies. In me new pair of WUNDIES. Well just maybe I'd have a whole new take. On the big wide world of Undies!! Outback Magazine Reader....

Relaxed & Comfortable

3 February 2016
Sitting at Christmas carols on a chilly summer's evening in Victoria reminded me of how everyone deserves to feel relaxed in their clothes. Merino Wool clothes give the gift of comfort because they fit so well you don't know you're wearing them; no restriction in movement, just the freedom to enjoy and experience life. Wearing wool brings back fond memories of spending time with Merino farming friends, and is a way of supporting the sheep industry that has underpinned our country's prosperity and characterised Australia's resilience! BRAD, Victoria

Flying High...

23 November 2015
As an ex Royal Flying Doctor Service pilot and subsequently an international corporate jet pilot, I am used to doing a fair bit of travelling and having to live on the run. We could be on the road for a month at a time and often did not stop for more than a day at a time in one hotel. Laundry became a bit of inventive genius and was generally carried out in the handbasin. Thank heavens for those little bottles of shampoo that the hotels supply. They not only wash but also impart a little perfume to the finished article. the theory was that if we ran out of clothes on a trip, we could always buy some more, somewhere. In amongst all of this I became acquainted with R M Williams boots which turned out to be one of the best finds of my life. However more was to follow. Back in June `15 I was asked to be the engineer responsible for the welfare of 27 aeroplanes on an Outback Air Safari fundraising for the RFDS. I happened to reading a copy of the RMW magazine, Outback, and noticed an ad for Merino Country underwear. This was my next good find!! As with my aeroplane, I like to keep it all tucked up tight. The Wundies that they manufacture are first class. Not only so comfortable that I have thrown all my others out, But are marvellously easy to launder on an overnight stop. The Safari went from Esperance up to the Rock, across to Alice, Birdsville,Winton Karumba and finished on Hamilton Island. I took three pairs of Wundies which turned out to travel really well and like my boots I am sorry that it took me so long to find them. Unless you are a freebagger, go Wundies!! Jan, WA.

Comfy Wundies & they're made in Australia

23 November 2015
I have just received my first ever Wundies! They fit as you predicted (1 size smaller than "foreign" brands. They ARE extremely comfy. The other benefit is that I fell proud and uplifted to know that I am wearing SOMETHING grown and made in Australia. It is a lovely feeling!! Keep up your great work. DAVID, NSW

No Sweat

23 November 2015
Thankyou so much for the great products. We are at Bingara on the Gwidar River at present... temperature is 40 degrees & the merino t-shirts are"breathing" beautifully. No Sweat marks at all. Cheers De & David

Cruising in your Merino

29 October 2015
Hi Kerrie, We have just returned from our fabulous holiday cruising around Australia (Sydney, Darwin & Freemantle with ports in between!) then rail journey on the Indian Pacific & back to Sydney. Just a report on your wool products we purchased before we left. Leaving Sydney in cool overcast conditions my #114P Panel SST and #801 Mens Briefs were very comfortable & warm. Reaching Brisbane the weather was warming up & we did a lot of walking, our gear still very comfortable keeping us dry & cool. Next was Port Douglas, temperature 32 degrees, your merino products kept us dry & cool. To Darwin then onto Broome & Lombok (Bali) 34-35 degrees. These temperatures put your merino products to a good test and passed with flying colours. We did our washing onboard and dried them on our balcony in these Northern temperatures. Very securely tied on ( didn't lose any garments overboard!). Dried very quickly. Our last port was Fremantle, now back to Sydney temperatures, 20 degrees! It is a credit to your company for manufacturing good quality garments from wool. Also you can pack less when using your merino products. Life's a breeze! Kind Regards Brian

Exceeded Expectations

19 August 2015
Hi Kerry, just thought I would drop you a line. I received my parcel today and was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. I bought some thermal long johns, a skivvy and a balaclava in anticipation of my trip to Norway this January. I really didn't expect the product to be of such high quality. I put on the leggings and I am very prone to itching with some fibres, but nothing, no itch just really comfortable.. Fabulous product and I"ve just put in another order based on what I received today. And wasn't it fabulous to be able to buy something to fit a larger lady. I hope you continue to be able to offer such great products. CECILY

Here's what our customers have had to say...




I have been wearing Merino Country products for 20 years . Each year out they come, with occasional additions. For travelling they are an absolute must. I love and have always loved wool good on you Kerrie - you deserve every success. ROZ ...THE GAP, QLD

I first heard of Merino Country about 20 years ago and have been buying your products ever since. I find them very wearable summer and winter and most importantly when you lead a busy life. Indestructible, great for travelling as they wash and dry quickly. JUDY... TOOWONG, QLD

Just a note to let you know what we think your WUNDIES ! My husband wears them & so do I and they are just great!! So comfortable, don't itch or lose their shape or colour. They don't pill - I've washed them many times and they also dry very fast. We are gradually building up a collection of them!! Thanks again for great products and supporting the Aussie Wool Industry. DEBBIE & TREVOR, BYLANDS, VIC

This is just a note to let you know how indispensable your clothes were to me while we were in Italy dury December/January. I was determined to travel light and took only two of your skivvies, 3 pairs of leggings, 2 jerseys and a pair of wool jeans. Everything dried well overnight and I was always comfortable. Your lightweight wool clothes, under a good coat were really all I needed. It's hard to believe we'll ever need heavy warm clothes again, but I'll be seeing you when I need to top up my supplies. SUE...ST LUCIA, QLD

I used get thrush regularly, especially when out on programs (work trips) for weeks at a time, but now that I wear WUNDIES I don't have a problem. FIONA...MELBOURNE, VIC

Dear Merino Country Earlier this year I took some of your products on a 6 week holiday to Spain - two t-shirts, one pair of Wundies and a long sleeve zip neck top. I spent 3 weeks as a regular tourist and 3 weeks walking 500km of the Via de la Plata. I was very impressed with the clothing I took. I expected them to dry quickly but I was surprised when I found that they dried quicker than a 'high-tech' fabric t-shirt I had from Paddy Pallin's. But even when I didn't have time to dry them out completely they were quite bearable to wear while still a bit damp. The clothes were comfortable to wear too (much more comfortable than cotton or polypropylene) – even after up to three days walking and sweating. I also discovered that even when they got soaked in sweat and I stopped for a break I didn't get that horrible chilling feeling you get from other fabrics. They also didn't get smelly easily. While it's true they did get a bit smelly after three weeks wear it was nothing like the stench you get from cotton or polyprop! The other good thing about the clothes, but probably not of the highest importance to me, is that they look quite sharp to wear as a regular tourist. I also bought my partner a singlet before the trip and she likes it so much she'd been wearing it to work all winter in Brisbane.  Cheerful Regards  Mark.........

I skied Maryjane, California in December and just took your thermals – 3 layers in –20 degrees and I was really warm whilst those around me froze!. Also love the bootleg pants - great for travel and at night! ANDREA......MITCHELTON, QLD

I was in transit for nearly 30 hours and when I got to LA had to go straight out to dinner – travelled in your bootleg pants, long sleeve t with a wrap – looked and felt fresh as a daisy when I arrived. Accidently put my Merino Country gear in the hotel laundry – didn’t hurt them at all – they still look great!! CARMEN... PADDINGTON, QLD

Merino Country has the contract to supply the Victoria Police with merino thermals – these are some comments from a recent survey of members of the Victoria Police who were issued with our products:

Fantastic feel & Maintain Warmth. Great product all round. ..MILL PARK 

Excellent washing & drying ability and excellent thermal properties. STEVE...WANGWARRIN

The very best. . HOPPERS CROSSING

It washes very soft – warm & comfortable. KEN….HENDRICKSON 


Excellent Product. TONY... WONDONGA